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Pro Wrestling Report in WWE 2K14 and Guide: How to Download in Xbox 360

Pro Wrestling Report in WWE 2K14 and Guide of How to Download in Xbox360

Over the past week I have been adding Pro Wrestling Report Dameon Nelson, David Herro, WCW Meathead, Linda Lay and Sara Macdermott Characters and Entrance Videos onto Youtube and In addition uploading my created Characters of the Pro Wrestling |Report crew to the WWE Community Creations, which means that anyone with an xbox 360 and WWE 2K14 and go on to community creations and download the Characters that I have created.
Not Sure how to download on WWE2k14 for Xbox 360? Its nice and Easy let me take you through it
1, When on the Main Menu Screen of WWE 2K14 go down the Menu List and click on "Xbox Live"

2, Once Xbox Live WWE 2K14 has loaded you will come to a 2nd Menu screen click on WWE 2k14 "WWE 2k14 Community Creations"

3, Then Click on "Download", You will then be presented with a list of the most popular uploads as voted by the WWE2K14 users.

4, On this screen press the X button to search and in the Keywords section type in the name of the Character  you would like to download E.G, David Herro - once you have done this press Start to Search.

5, This will then bring up the David Herro Character as created by me (Xbox Live Id Jon422002) Press A to view Character Details and on this menu scroll down and click A on "download"

6, The Character will then Download to your Xbox 360 and now you have downloaded your Pro Wrestling Report Character. You can do the same process as described above for all the other PWR characters all you have to do is change the keyword you search (Dameon Nelson, Linda Kay, WCW Meathead and Sara Macdermott) and you can download the rest of the PWR Team!!
You can Also Search by User, If This is Easier for you Search for my Xbox Live Gamer ID jon422002 and It will bring up all the PWR Content which you can then also download.
Below are the Entrance Videos for PWR Group and PWR characters in WWE 2K14 for Xbox 360
PWR SWO (Shenanigans World Order) WWE 2K14 Entrance
David Herro PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
Dameon Nelson PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
WCW Meathead WWE2K14 Entrance
Linda Kay PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
Sara McDermott PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
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