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Is Time up for Impact Wrestling in 2013?

Is Time up for Impact Wrestling in 2013?

Impact Wrestling Owner Dixie Carter 
What Is written below is my own opinion as a wrestling fan. I'm not a Wrestling "expert" and nor do I proclaim to be one, this is my opinion on what I see as a fan so with that said lets take a look at Impact Wrestling is there time up in 2013?

This is my 1st blog after a long time away due to an arm injury I have been unable to write any new blogs, but treatment has worked well so I'm back with a new blog.
Since I been on my blogging hiatus one thing has been bothering me a lot the continued downward trend in Impact Wrestling, the releases that have been made and the continued speculation around the company.
So far this year Impact Wrestling have released:
Alex Silva
Bruce Pritchard (TNA Office Staff)
Christian York
Dlo Brown (TNA Office Staff)
Doug Williams
Hulk Hogan
Joey Ryan
Kid Kash
Mickie James
Madison Rayne
Matt Morgan
Taeler Hendrix
So Cal Val
Jesse Sorenson
It is reported that a Live impact show to broadcast is costing around  $600.000 and the huge financial cost is having and has had a big impact ont he company therefore re-structuring has to take place in order for TNA to be able to balance the books and try and make the business more financially viable to the owners Panda Energy.
Of Course one if not the biggest release on the list above was that of Hulk Hogan. I think TNA had to bring Hulk Hogan in when they did. They had to try and make a move to the next level and signing Hogan was a huge part to try and get TNA to that next level. However 3 years later looking back at it I think I was too much too soon.
Maybe Impact wasn't ready at that time for the transition and their have been many different changes in Direction from being Live on Mondays, to cancelling the experiment going back to being on Thursdays, then changes in Timeslot on a Thursday to then going Live to going Live every other episode, It seems TNA could not pick a business plan and stick to it and now we are bearing the fruit of the indecision and too many changes at TNA in that time.
Impact and TNA kind of reminds me of the original ECW not in terms of the wrestling of style of the organisation but the way the company was handled away from the ring and the business decisions that were made. ECW wasn't ready in hindsight to make the jump to television and the financial were not in place and the correct deals and the right deals done at the right time weren't done.

In Addition some of the recent bizarre direction TNA took with having Rampage and Tito Ortiz on the show and then pulling them off again, the furore around Kurt Angle and his arrest for DUI and Subsequent spell in Rehabilitation and return to TNA. Things In Impact Wrestling have seemed really off the last few months. Then At Bound For Glory there were pictures showing the arena half empty and TNA Officials having to move the crowd round to one end of the building.

For TNA biggest show of the year this isn't a good sign......

TNA Bond for Gory 2013 with the arena half full
I hope for the sake of the wrestling, Wrestling Fans and the industry as a whole that Impact Wrestling doesn't disappear and that it continues and reaches the potential that it should achieve. That the right decisions can be made and that the wrestlers can continue to entertain the fans. Wrestling does not need to go back to one Company 12 years after we were in that position I would hate to see History repeat itself.
Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard 

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