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Justin Credbile - Wrestling 101 Helping Aspiring Wrestlers

Justin Credible - Wrestling 101 Helping Aspiring Wrestlers
As Always people this is my opinion as a wrestling fan! I'm a fan firs
t I'm not a Wrestling "expert" and don't claim to be one this is just my opinion as a huge fan of Wrestling so with that said lets look it this Blog Subject Justin Credible.
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You may know him under several different names in WWE as Aldo Montoya in ECW as Justin Credible and in real life he's Peter Polaco.  Former Kliq member is now doing videos on Youtube to help inspire up and coming independent wrestlers and give advice to Wrestlers regarding different aspects of the business. PJ stated that after being in the business over 20 years he felt that it was important for him to try and give something back to the next generation of guys who are coming through and to try and help these guys from where they are now and giving them the advice and knowledge to reach higher levels so PJ started his Youtube Series Pro Wrestling 101

Pro Wrestling 101 - Pilot Episode

Pro Wrestling 101 Intro Episode

For those who don't know it has not been easy for PJ as he explains himself that has he has many challenges over his Pro Wrestling Career. PJ has stated in an Interview with Colt Cabana recently for Colt's Art of Wrestling Podcast (found at that he was lucky to get his break with WWE (WWF at the Time) and stated that he was in the right place at the right time and that Vince Mcmhon and WWE after talking to him and finding out he was Portuguese had an idea for him which then led to Aldo Montoya.

PJ talks about the importance of training and importance of Wrestling schools, choosing the right wrestling school, dedication, finances and what to expect,. PJ emphases to do your research and get to know the school, who the trainer is and who they have produced. PJ explains about how he was trained by the Hart Family and how who you train with can be used as a reference. Please see the video Below.

Pro Wrestling 101 - Wrestling Schools

In the episode below PJ talks about learning from the veterans like himself and what a Veteran can help you in the wrestling business. He talks about his relationship with Scott Hall when he first got in to WWE and how Scott Hall was able to help him also helped PJ gain respect for the people that came before him and built the industry that he is going to work in. This is a great video and very informative.
Learn from The Veterans - Pro Wrestling 101

PJ also talks about leaving WWE and Moving to ECW. PJ stated that Vince Would not allow him to go to WCW so instead sent him to ECW where Paul Heyman helped him transition to ECW World Heavyweight Champion. PJ also talks about Tag Team Wrestling and what It was like teaming with Lance Storm and what it takes to become successful Tag Team in Wrestling . PJ Also talks about the art of storytelling and how this is still so important in Wrestling today You can view the Story telling video by clicking in the Video Below.
Pro Wrestling 101 - Storytelling

PJ even had a guest on Pro Wrestling 101 Tommy Dreamer former ECW and WWE star who also worked in an office capacity for WWE and handled many New up and coming Wrestlers while working for WWE Tommy Dreamer gives an insight into what he thinks aspiring Wrestlers need to do, think about and continue to do in order to become great in the business of professional wrestling.

Pro Wrestling 101 - Tommy Dreamer

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