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WWE,TNA and Wrestling - It was better when I knew Less

WWE,TNA and Wrestling - It was better when I knew Less

Myself and my brother were talking recently and My brother said that he felt like he enjoyed wrestling more when we knew less about it. I got me thinking about wrestling in the modern era and how much wrestling has changed since I first started watching as a 5 year old child.
It was 1991 I was 5 years old as I said and there is no Internet. We have no SKY TV (pay TV) and we don't even have a video recorder at home at the time. I first managed to see what Wrestling was  by seeing a WWF Wrestling Video at my friends house which introduced me to the awesomeness that is professional wrestling. From that day forward I was hooked on it and have been watching it ever since.
At That Point we could only see wrestling when my friends (or their parents) would buy a new wrestling video. So we weren't exposed to Wrestling much at all and certainly did not know any of the inner workings or what went on backstage.

The First WWF video I Owned
Wrestling was hidden away and the secrets of wrestling weren't exposed so it kept us interested in the matches we were seeing. We didn't already know the results from Tweets or Websites and We would sit and watch through all the shows not skip and matches because we wanted to see what would happen. At the time also whether it was the Wrestlers or the matches themselves they had a way of drawing you in - I don't ever remember wanting to press the fast forward button on a first viewing of a wrestling video.
Every Video we got felt fresh as although some of the events we were watching were a year old or older we had no idea would be champion and the end of the video. We were more pure wrestling fans at that point because I feel that I was able to look at every match and take it on its merits and have the time to be able to absorb it and take it in better. We were able to grow as wrestling fans too - our tastes in who we liked or thought were good change over the years but her changed due to our opinions and thoughts and not by thoughts of others or what "the Internet says"
 Thinking about it that was a better time I wasn't impatient and wanting to get through a show as quick as possible, I didn't know all the inner workings, who hates who and why Wrestler A wont work with Wrestler B and WWF (WWE Now) were concentrating on putting on the best wrestling show not the best entertainment show.

I Was Brought Up With Wrestlers like Bret Hart and Mr Perfect
In addition to that we would see one new video whenever we could get one. We weren't over saturated as we are today with Wrestling on nearly every day of the week. I think that actually weakens the product that we now see on TV. If WWE went back to Just Raw once a week for 2 hours Wouldn't life in the modern era be easier as a wrestling fan? WWE these days asks you to spend 3 hours on Raw, 2 Hours on Smackdown, 1 Hour on Main Event, ! Hour on NXT and if a PPV week 3 Hours on that.
You could end up watching 9 hours of wrestling a week now!!! 
Knowing less Really gave me more,now in this society we live in everything has to be instant and everything in wrestling has to catch the fans attention and not let them change the channel. Everything Evolves and Everything Changes but sometimes not all evolution is great for me less is really more.
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Jonathan Orchard

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