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Mick Foley Comedy Show Review Bath 2013

Mick Foley Comedy Show Review
Bath 2013
Me and Mick Foley in Bath

I brought my ticket for Mick Foley Comedy Show in Bath Months ago. I made sure I got a meet and greet ticket as I had gone to see Mick in Cardiff in 2012 and wanted to make sure I could meet him again.

I arrived at the Komedia in Bath and the fans were queued up ready to get into the show. It was a very long line as I found out on the day that she show was sold out. That's a great achievement considering this was the first time for Mick in Bath shows that the advertising and promotion for his shows is spot on and he manages to reach the fans.

I get into the building and I am on the bottom floor as I have a meet and great and priority seating ticket. Luckily a friends of mine @kitchkov saved me a seat where he was sitting so was able to sit 4 rows back and enjoy the show.

I get some drinks and we are awaiting the start of the show. First of all the comedian supporting Mick on his tour comes out he is a comic from Leicester called Jim Smallman. Id never seen Jim before so was interested to see what he was going to come up with. Jim was fantastic and a perfect choice to support Mick. Jim Smallman is a professional comedian who is a huge wrestling fan (he has a tattoo of Mick Foley on his arm) and also Jim co Owns a wrestling promotion called Progress Wrestling. So Jim was bang on to start the show and got me laughing a lot before Mick Came on.

I found a video of Jim on Youtube click the video below to see Jim at work in Edinburgh Last year (the opening Joke is the same one we heard in bath) also visit Jim website

Mick Foley then came on to the stage and gave us 1 Hour to 1 Hour 20 minutes of laughter. Mick was tremendous and even better than when I saw him previously in Cardiff. Mick talked about the WWE hall of Fame and his story with Chris Jericho and Cm Punk and the elbow heard around the world. Mick said at the beginning of the show also that he wanted all fans to enjoy the show and you could hear everyone laughing I didn't hear one person at the end of the show complaining that they didn't enjoy themselves or have a great time

I wont ruin all the jokes for you - however Mick Does a joke about Hulk Hogan to which I was laughing so hard I nearly cried!! Also an extremely great joke about a man "Working Hurt" - Mick was comedy Gold and just keeps getting better and better. If haven't managed to see a Mick Foley comedy show yet I suggest you do whether you are a wrestling fan or not there is something here for all tastes. I hope there is a DVD coming out of his show because I'll certainly be buying it if it does.

There was a meet and greet after the show and due to the show being a sell out there were lots of fans waiting to meet Mick. I did take an hour to meet Mick however I feel that this was just due to sheer number of people. Mick had so many people to meet and after being on the road for so many days and doing so many shows I was very appreciative that at 11am at night Mick was willing to meet me, First bump (Mick says its easier than a handshake), take the time to talk to me and sign my WWE hall of Fame Program and also my WWE hall of fame ticket. Got to speak to Mick about my experience at the hall of fame and seeing him inducted as always Mick was a true gentleman and was great to talk too. I then had to run out the door and get my train home!! (which I did get in time!!)

Thank you Mick and if your back in  England Next year I'll be back to see another show
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