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Wrestlemania 29 Weekend PWR Hall OF Fame - Legends, Shenanigans and Wrestling

Jon Orchard's Wrestlemania 29 Weekend
Legends, Shenanigans and Wrestling
Well I'm back from New York and back from one of the biggest weeks of my life. It was an incredible few days and got to meet and see so many wrestlers, personalities and fans. It all kicked off on Friday night with the Pro Wrestling Report Hall Of Fame Ceremony.
PWR Hall Of Fame
We Arrived at Hotel Pennsylvania around 9:30pm and I remember feeling nervous and excited going up in the elevator as this is the first time I would be meeting the staff from the Pro Wrestling Report.
We walk out of the Elevator and walk towards the Entrance and David Herro is stood right in front of me by the entrance. Was such an Honor to meet David shake his hand and to talk to him, it felt surreal as well as id seen him on TV so many times I didn't feel real and (for the first time ever) I felt speechless. It was brilliant and was great to say to him thank you in person for giving me the idea to come to Wrestlemania in the first place.
Me and David Herro
Then spoke to and met The #Tremendous Linda Kay and Sara Macdermott. Both ladies looked amazing and were fantastic to talk to and get into conversation with had a great chat with both
We Went in to get our seats Walked into the Hotel Pennsylvania ballroom then we bumped into Dameon Nelson. Again it felt so surreal and i felt speechless yet again Dameon made me feel very welcome and I told Dameon that even this early in the evening I'm marking out already. Shook the hand of Dameon - it was awesome to finally meet the founder of Pro Wrestling Report.
We then took our seats on the front row for the PWR Hall of Fame. Before he went on stage (although I didn't realise he was) Matt Thomas walked past me and I shook hands with him - Matthew was a really great guy and did extremely well throughout the whole evening.
We Started the evening with a meet and greet with Demolition and King Kong Bundy. They were all absolutely Tremendous. Demolition and Bundy were my favourite wrestlers to meet all weekend !!spent time talking with all three of them, they were all brilliant and I couldnt believe i was stood in front of three Huge legends that I grew up watching was an experience I never thought would be possible.
The Ceremony then started we were introduced to our Host Armando Estrada. Armando took the mic and said our first inductees are Demolition. Armando then introduced the Inductor for Demolition Dameon Nelson. Dameon Came on stage to Jive Soul Bro and gave us some history and facts about Demolition and also them being the longest running Tag Team Champions in WWE History.Demolition then came to the stage walking down to their entrance music.
Demolition Talked about what an Honor it was for them to receive this award and talked about how honoured they were and said thank you to the fans in attendance who came out and saw them.
Up Next was the induction of King Kong Bundy Armando introduced us to his inductor David Herro. David Talked about his friendship with King Kong Bundy and Talked about Bundy as a person. Bundy then walked down to the ring accompanied by Linda Kay and Sara Macdermott. King Kong Bundy took the mic and gave a fantastic induction speech he was so honest and very real with his thoughts he was brilliant and really made for a great evening.
Following this there was a Q&A with Armando Estrada, King Kong Bundy and Demolition. I wont go into detail on this - but just to say It was AWESOME!!!! So insightful and interesting - I hope PWR will release this as it was such a great Q and A and Thanks to Matthew Thomas for Letting me ask my Question to Demolition!!!
Also Id like to note that at the end of the Q&A Demolition and King Kong Bundy talked about David Herro and how nice he is as a person and how great he is as a promoter and friend. Thought that was a really nice thing from Bundy and Demolition and they also praised Dameon Nelson and PWR for all there efforts and for recognising them with the PWR Hall Of Fame.
PWR Hall of Fame was amazing and I'm sure this is something that is going to grow and Something that will get even bigger as the years go on. I hope the Fans in New Orleans get to experience this. PWR Hall Of Fame was extremely well run, Wrestlers were Brilliant and the event was awesome. If you can go in New Orleans in 2014 I suggest you do, you wont regret it!!
Jonathan Orchard

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