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Great Comebacks in WWE 2002-2012

Great Comebacks in WWE 2002-2012
NWO Returns to WWE in 2002
Finally after WCW went out of business Hogan, Hall and Nash returned to our screen as the NWO. Vince Mcmahon cut a promo before there return., Mr Mcmahon now part owner of WWE in the storyline Vince was having an ongoing battle with Ric Flair. In an Effort to get Flair to leave WWE Vince Mcmahon stated that he was going to injection a Poison in the WWE and That Poison would be the NWO. Click Below to see Vince Mcmahon promo
Following Vince Mcmahon Promo. The NWO hall, Nash and Hogan re-debuted in WWE at WWE No Way Out PPV in February 2002. NWo Appeared and started off the show click below and you can see the promo that the NWO cut when they arrived in WWE. Ultimately the NWO was disbanded after a few months as Hogan was turned Babyface and then Hall and Nash both eventually left WWE. To Me through seeing what used to be a WCW Faction appear in WWE was incredible looking back on it now its just a shame that it did not happen in March 2001 when WWE brought WCW.
The Rock Returns to WWE to Guest Host Wrestlemania 27 and More
The Rock returning to WWE was something that Wrestling fans had been talking about since The Rock left WWE 7 years earlier. Wrestlemania 27 was on the horizon and WWE were looking for a guest host. On the Internet most of the buzz seemed to be that It would be a current Music Star or Celebrity hosted Wrestlemania. At This time there had been alot of Guest Hosts on WWE Raw. Then In Anaheim Justin Roberts Announced.....Ladies and Gentlemen the Guest Host of Wrestlemania 27........ The Lights then went out and there was a sound of electricity and the music hit out came The Rock. It was truly brilliant no one knew that The Rock was there everyone in Wrestling was taken by Surprise and it didn't stop there. The Rock then went on to do a great promo on John Cena coining some great phrases "Fruity Pebbles" and "yabba dabba bitch" It was one of those great wrestling comeback moments. Click the video below to see The Rock Return in Full.
Also on the build up to his match with John Cena At Wrestlemania 28 The Rock and John Cena had been going back and forth with each other all year ragrding thier match. The Rock before Wrestlemania 29 did a great segment on Raw entitled "Rock Concert" this took place in Clevland and was tremendous. Click below to see The Rock Concert.
Kevin Nash (Diesel) Returns to the WWE at The Royal Rumble
Kevin Nash made his return to the WWE since leaving in 2004 and leaving to then go and Wrestle for TNA Wrestling. Kevin Nash music hit and Kevin walked out to the ring wearing his Diesel gear. Diesel enters the match to eventually to be eliminated by Wade Barrett. See the entrance of Kevin Nash.
Kevin Nash would re-appear late in the Year Powerbombing CM Punk after his match at Summerslam 2011. Below is a video of Kevin Nash The Night after Summerslam Talking on WWE Raw.
Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE

Right after John Cena Lost to The Rock at Wrestlemania 28 the next night on Raw John Cena was due out to address his loss to The Rock. John Cena Talked about the match what had taken place and how he felt. John Cena asked for The Rock to Come out to see him face to face. After a few moments of silence Brock Lesnar music hit instead and The Crowd went crazy Former UFC Champion and WWE Champion Brock LEsnar returned to WWE. Brock stood atop of the ramp and was looking down at John Cena. Brock walked his way down to the ring got in and extended his arm to John Cena until pulling him in and giving John Cena an F5! Click the video below to see the return of Brock Lesnar to the WWE.

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