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Zack Ryder - Its Time to be a #Heel (Bad Guy)

Zack Ryder - Its time to be a #heel (Bad Guy)

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder
 As Always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, I am not a wrestling expert nor do I proclaim to be one! I'm  a Wrestling fan with my opinion! Please enjoy Thanks
Zack Ryder has made a name for himself in WWE by Promoting himself and creating a fan base for himself using youtube and creating his on Youtube Series Z True Long Island Story.

Zack used this platform in which to be able to entertain himself, Wrestlers and Fans with his antics but also at the same time voice some of his frustrations with the wrestling business and with WWE too. Through doing this Zack Created a career for himself and also gained lots of fans Zack now has over 1 million twitter followers.
Zack Ryder stopped his Z True Long Island Story at Episode #100 its rumoured that Zack Wanted to end his series at #100 and also felt that series was not as entertaining since it was moved to the WWE Youtube Channel where the videos we produced and sent to WWE were changed by WWE then uploaded.
Zack Ryder Single on Youtube
So Now Zack Ryder has moved on from Youtube, Z True island Story is no more and the push from that show and popularity gained when he won the US championship seems like a millions miles away. Zack created all this buzz for himself and due to lots of different factors (including mishandling from WWE in my opinion) his popularity has waned. 

Zack is not seen much on WWE Raw Or Smackdown these days and that does not look like it will change anytime soon.
Now its rumoured (and some fans/people/wrestlers believe it as fact) that WWE will not push what they did not create. Some people say that past examples of this are the NWO and WCW invasion Angle.

 If I was Zack Ryder at this moment right now I would leave notes around a WWE Writers desk, Talk to a WWE Writer in his sleep and DO anything possible to make a WWE writer and Vince Mcmahon believe they came up with the idea. An idea which can change Zack Ryder....An Idea Created by WWE which simply is make Zack A #heel (Bad Guy)
Now I understand that Zack has a single in the Itunes Chart right now and most people will say that's crazy he's a good guy, people like him and he's popular. If that was the case surely WWE Would be using him to his fullest potential, Utilising his talents, making even more money from Merchandise and putting him on TV every week...... #HeresTheThing WWE are not doing those things there is a reason for everything a good guy Zack Ryder does not seem to be what WWE are looking for.
Mick Foley used so much emotion in his ECW promos
If it was me I would have Ryder turn on his fans by using some of that real life frustration he has pent up inside him. I my mind I think of those very angry  but very real feeling Cactus Jack ECW promos where he spoke the truth and used some of his own feelings when talking about how bloodthirsty the Ecw fans are. - I think heel promos like that are always the best because you can hear the belief in a wrestlers voice - it feels like reality.
 I'd  have Zack saying:
" I did everything I could to make the fans happy and get the WWE to notice me, Youtube shows, Social Media, Songs and Catchphrases but none of it matters because I did it all and none of it helped me, I thought the fans would help push me forward but The Fans ended up  holding me back - I blame everyone in this arena and everyone at home for Zack Ryder not reaching the potential he should have"

You could have Zack with a prolonged attack on a wrestler after a match  on Raw then the week after say the promo above and then have him move on from there in a feud. Doing this might not sound like alot but its more than Zack Ryder has right at this moment in time and gives the Zack Ryder character some meaning and also gives the WWE Universe a Character they can truly love to hate.

Maybe Zack Ryder as a heel is what WWE is looking for.....Maybe a heel is what Zack Ryder should be only time will tell.
Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard

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