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Wrestlemania 29 :What Happens to Swagger?

 Wrestlemania 29 :What Happens to Swagger?

As Always below is all my thoughts as a wrestling fan, I'm not an expert nor do I proclaim to be one.

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After the recent arrest of Jack swagger for DUI and being in possession of marijuana. WWE will have to look again at the world championship main event scheduled to be Swagger vs Del Rio.

Its a shame that Jack got himself into this mess otherwise we could of had an interesting program and event at wrestlemania. I hope that wwe keep Swagger in this match and carry on the path that they are on, however if past history is anything to go by Swagger will be out.

There are lots of options out there at the moment if a change of opponent is the way that WWE go.

So who put into the main event with Alberto Del Rio? You could go for Randy Orton. It has been long speculated that  Orton would turn heel and this could be a great opportunity to do it and could greatly benefit Randy Orton and lead to another title run for him. However after events last Year  and reports of Attitude difficulties with Orton and that Orton is on his 2nd Wellness Policy Violation it might make WWE look at a different route.

Now what about CM Punk? some people say that CM Punk will be in the main event of Wrestlemania with Rock and Cena. CM Punk has a match but  these Turn of Events might mean a change of position.

Punk and Del Rio have had battles before over the WWE title and fought back and forth. CM Punk Could be a great option for WWE to match up with Del Rio again and the dynamic now would be different with Punk a heel (bad Guy) and Del Rio a babyface (Good Guy)


However My pick and my choice is Mark Henry.

Henry was dominant in  the elimination chamber match and has still been dominant following on Raw and working with Great Khali. I think Henry is a great reliable choice for a main event player at Wrestlemania.

Henry has had a huge match at Wrestlemania with Undertaker previously at Wrestlemania 22 plus had other Wrestlemania matches. This piece of Misfortune or bad judgement for Swagger could be great for Henry. It could now be a hall of pain Wrestlemania and looking at all the options it seems to me that Henry is the best fit.

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