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My Memories Kevin Nash WCW years 1996-2001

My Memories Kevin Nash WCW Years 1996 -2001
After the success of my last blog Kevin Nash the WWE years 1993-1996 (Which can be viewed here);postID=6495934313225897804   

Based on feedback I received I decided that I would do another blog on Kevin Nash this time looking back at the next part of his career from Mid 1996-2001 Kevin Nash Career in WCW.
This blog differs slightly to the last one as at this time in my life we could not watch WCW here in the UK as we did not have Sky TV Therefore some of this I saw at the time and other things I have had to research.
When Kevin Nash Left WWF in May of 1996 it was to move to longtime WWF Rival WCW. Kevin was no stranger to WCW having been in WCW before he came to WWE in 1993. Kevin Came in  to WCW a week after his good friend Scott Hall made his debut on WCW Nitro May 27th 1996. Scott famously said "We are taking over" and Eric Bischoff (on Screen Announcer at the time) kept asking who is "we" well a week after Scott said that WE is himself and Kevin Nash.
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall acted like Imposter's from WWF this was so cool to me when i eventually got to see it! It was something like I had never seen before they were the characters I had known from WWE now invading WCW and being the same guys they were when I last saw them in WWF.

Nash and Hall Powerbombed Eric Bishoff off the stage and through a table underneath. Hall and Nash had become frustrated after asking Bischoff who the 3 WCW wrestler would be to take them on at Bash At The Beach. The following night it was revealed that Nash and Hall would face Lex Luger, Sting and Macho Man Randy Savage at WCW Bash at The Beach 1996.

Hall and Nash kept stating that they had a third man for the match however when the match started at Bash of the Beach the third man had not appeared. During the Course of the Match Lex Luger got taken out on a stretcher. The Hulk Hogan walks down to the ring looking like her is going to help the good guys instead Hogan Drops his leg on Savage and ushers in the Era of the New World Order. Click the video below to See the Promo After the Bash at The Beach match.

As Well as being the NWO Hall and Nash Named themselves The Outsiders and they became along with Hulk Hogan the hottest thing in Wrestling at the time. I don't think Nash and Hall get enough credit for the Attitude that they brought to the NWO without them the group would of had a very different feel. Hall and Nash had their finger on the pulse and some of the promos and matches that they were having were pure gold. Also the NWO Announcements when they were advertise merchandise were tremendous check out Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in this NWO Promo below.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Throughout the rest of 1996 won the Tag Team Championship and then were joined by Another former WWF Superstar Sean Waltman named Syxx in WCW Nash, Hall and Waltman then called themselves the Wolfpac. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have all said in many interviews that the Wolfpac was originally there idea and that the Wolfpac was their version of the Fabulous Freebirds, Kevin  Nash WCW took the name Wolfpac and started using it themselves.

In 1998 the original NWO was starting to show that they were not all on the same page and after being dominant for so many years the cracks were starting to show in the NWO. There were on screen issues between Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan which lead to the split. The Nwo Split into two the NWO Wolfpac (Red and Black) led by Kevin Nash and Nwo Black and White led by Hulk Hogan.

Below is a video of the 1st appearance of NWO Wolfpac in the Red and Black Colours

This is where i started to lose track WCW If i can go on a tangent for a moment! I got very confused t at this time for some reason (and I don't think we still know why) WCW bookers at the time decided it would be best to split Hall and Nash. Scott Hall allinged Himself with Hulk Hogan in NWO Black and White and Kevin Nash aligned himself with Randy Savage in NWO Red and Black.

WCW got that all wrong I would of had Nash and Hall vs Savage and Hogan it would of made much more sense the fans knew that Hall and Nash were good friends and also it would be the young main Event wrestlers Hall and Nash taking on the veteran wrestlers Hogan and Savage think that would of been a great series of matches and made more sense. (Rant over! Back to Nash's WCW career!)

Kevin Nash won his 1st WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starcade 1998 by Defeating Goldberg. Despite Popular belief Kevin Nash was not the booker (matchmaker) of WCW when this took place. Kevin Nash in his own words states that "I did not take over the booking of WCW until February 13th 1999 nearly 2 months after this match at Starcade took place. Following the match at Starcade Kevin Nash was going to take on Goldberg in a rematch However Goldberg got arrested (in the show storyline) and it turned out that Hulk Hogan had set up Goldberg to be arrested so the main event of the night was set up Nash vs Hogan for WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Click below to see How Nash beat Goldberg at Starcade and to see what happened in Nash vs Hogan Match on Nitro (Many Fans refer to this as the fingerpoke match)

Fans were really annoyed by this match and In interviews Kevin Nash states that fans were annoyed by it as they got tricked hook, line and sinker none of the fans expected it and that is way they are still annoyed about it to this day, Also Kevin Nash states to all his critics and "Smart Marks" that this angle did not help him at all as he only held the title for a day then lost it again Nash stated that "he looked like the biggest douchebag of all"
In  1999 Kevin Nash won his 2nd WCW World Championship by defeating Diamond Dallas Page at Slamboree 1999
Kevin Nash then faced off against Randy Savage and Sid. At  Bash at the Beach 1999 A match was signed Nash and Sting vs Savage and Sid. and the match was a little different in the fact that Whoever Pinned Kevin Nash in this match from the opposing team would becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Savage pinned Kevin Nash in this match.
Later on in 1999 Hulk Hogan defeated Kevin Nash in a "retirement" match.

In October 1999 Nash returned to WCW along with Scott Hall and they formed NWO 2000 Along with Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart and Scot Steiner

Click the link to watch a backstage promo with the NWO 2000
 Nash Won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship 3 times throughout 2000. In late 2000 The Team of Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page known as The Insiders won the WCW Tag Team Championships. Then on Feb 18 2001 Kevin Nash Lost To Scott Steiner in a retirement match.

That would be the last appearance of Kevin Nash in WCW as WCW would go out of Business after being sold to the WWE in March 2001
 There is NO Question that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were the catalysts for WCW challenging WWE in the mid nineties. Without Nash and Hall WCW would of reached those heights because Without Hall and Nash Hogan would of had no one to team with an no one to give him the credibility he needed to become a bad guy.

Nash and Hall Kickstarted the Golden Generation of Wrestling in 1996 wrestling would be in a very bad place without them Thank you.

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