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Hello All! Hope everyone is well! Lets dive right into this one Since there has been a Renascence of Sorts with the WWE Tag Team Division. I have Been thinking about ..... Some of my favourite Tag Teams growing up watching Wrestling.

Now keep in mind I started watching Wrestling as a 5 or 6 year old kid around 1991/1992. At The Time We could not afford any SKY Pay TV at Home (WWE/WWF Was and still is shown on SKY and it has a monthly subscription cost) It was my friends that first got me to watch wrestling. My Friends Older brother had lots of Wrestling Videos however....he would only let us watch the videos with events from 1980's he would not let us watch anything from the current time. It annoyed me so much as a kid but looking back it was the BIGGEST Favour my Friends older brother did otherwise I would not of seen so many classic Tag Team and WWE bouts and learnt about the awesome stars of the 1980's as a 5/6 year old kid!

So today I would like to focus on one of the Tag Teams that caught my imagination as a young kid.....


Axe and Smash of Demolition were one of my favourite tag teams to watch. I was always a WWE (WWF) kid growing up and Watching 1980's wrestling as mentioned above was a blessing in disguise otherwise I would not of seen Demolition. Demolition stuck me as a kid they came through the screen at me - there theme music was awesome, they had cool face paint, A great look and an awesome Finishing move. To me as a kid i remember watching them and being glued to the screen. One Match that i remember in particular is 1989 Royal Rumble. Although not a tag team match this was one of the first big WOW moments as a kid. We popped the 1989 Royal Rumble VHS on the screen and when we got to the Rumble Match Out First came Demolition AXE then we waited for the 2nd Entrant.....Demolition Music hit again and out came Demolition SMASH!! I thought in my young mind that they would both wait in the ring for the next competitor beat him up then do the same until everyone else was eliminated and in my first OMG moment Smash and Axe fought each other. Its a fun wrestling memory for me and a great memory of a fabulous tag team. The best Version of Demolition to me was Axe and Smash. Crush came in later on and did a good job and I still loved seeing Smash on TV. No disrespect to Crush (who sadly is no longer with us) but the new combination never felt the same to me.
As I grew older (26 now!) I Think that Demolition Axe and Smash should of had a longer run I think that there was more that could of been done with the Tag Team and did not feel in 1991 when the team was disbanded that Demolition had run its course. Demolition to me was a star in a golden age of Wrestling Tag Teams. Demolition made their matches entertaining and so memorable to me as a little kid!!!
See The video below on one of my first wrestling memories!!!
Royal Rumble 1989 Axe vs Smash
Also the other Great Demolition Memory was Wrestlemania 4 Demolition beating Strike Force for the WWF Tag Team Titles. Remember Really liking this match from Wrestlemania 4. Also Mr Fuji with Demolition was fantastic as well!!
Demolition vs Strikeforce
Demolition Wins the Tag Team Titles
Demolition still wrestle today and they are the current GLCW (Great Lakes Championship Wrestling g) Tag Team Champions and they will be appearing on GLCW Next Event Blizzard Brawl 8 Taking place in Waukesha, Wisconsin at The Waukesha County Expo Centre get your tickets here
Also Demolition have been Inducted into the GLCW Hall of Fame. Pro Wrestling Report (@pwrshow on Twitter) Host Dameon Nelson presented them with this Honor in the middle of the GLCW ring. Smash and Axe of Demolition are both on Twitter and Smash can be followed @realdemosmash and Axe can be followed @realdemoaxe.
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