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CM Punk: WWE title Streak Does it matter?

 CM Punk: WWE title Streak Does it matter?


After Watching Pro Wrestling Report Primetime and hearing the discussion in the PWR Extra Segment Between Dameon Nelson and David Herro Regarding CM Punk and whether his WWE title Streak of 365 days really means anything.

You can view The PWR PrimeTime Saturday Episode Below

I am a wrestling fan. Im not a wrestling expert and nor do I claim to be one! this is my opnion as a fan and my thoughts on what I see - With that said take a look a the blog below and see what you think!!! :)

David  Herro is adamant that the title streak does not mean anything and when looked at from a historical perspective its hard to argue with. As David stated on Primetime Punk has had Feuds with Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Ryback over his last year as champion - only one of those feuds are memorable to me as a fan. As a fan I make a connection to the Storytelling and the matches as they are presented and the one that stood out was with Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho made me want to see this match due to his overbearing Behaviour and his strong comments towards CM Punk and his family. To me this made me dislike Jericho alot more and then wanting to see Jericho get beaten up by Punk at Wrestlemania.

But Sorry I digressed......

Although I do not think Many of Punk Feuds have been memorable and with a statement like that you would think I would say that his reign as champion means nothing but.....#HeresTheThing your wrong.....

I think the streak is the most important thing going in Wrestling right now and here is why

The Rock Announced at Raw 1000 that he is going to be at the Royal Rumble 2013 and that he will face whoever is the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble.

 In order for this match to mean as much as it can it is vital that CM Punk title reign stay intact until then. David Herro said on Primetime

"They are only doing this for The Rock - What else do they have?"

David was not saying this from a wrestling skills perspective, nor a promo perspective but I think from a wrestling storyline perspective and its a viewpoint I agree with because without it CM Punk would  be another WWE Champion.

Think Back to the feuds mentioned earlier if CM Punk Did not have the streak right now would a potential match up with The Rock at Royal Rumble mean as much?

 Punk is now the Cowardly heel bad guy that along with Paul Heyman will do everything he can to hold onto his WWE title and keep his championship reign alive.

Then in the opposite corner you have The Rock the people's champion the wrestler who wants to win the title for the Millions and Millions of The Rock's Fans. From My perspective I think The WWE Title run is so important right now because it will mean so much more when CM Punk does lose the belt  Whether it be The Rock or  to Someone else further down the line, it helps CM Punk right now (and gives Heyman a great job to do holding the belt also!!!)

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