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Have TNA Wrestling Hit the Reset button?

The Big Red Reset Button

TNA Wrestling

Its been awhile but Iv decided to a new blog post. While we all enjoyed Wrestlemania 28 the matches with Rock vs Cena and HHH vs Undertaker and Raw the night after where the crowd was so into the product and the return of Brock Lesnar - Wrestling is certainly Buzzing again...but there is something which isn't buzzing in the wrestling industry and that's TNA Wrestling.

While the WWE Is thriving and making Bigger money than they have ever made at at Wrestlemania (Thanks to The Rock) TNA seems in the Doldrums and stuck in this Revolving/Rehashing mode.

I'm not here to knock the wrestlers in TNA they do a fantastic job and give us all the effort they have No matter what Situation they are put in and I respect them for all that they Do.
These Guys and Girl Wrestle I don't,  I'm a fan of Wrestling and I'm giving my perspective and Thoughts on what I saw in front of me.

I watched Impact Wrestling this week (for the first time in a few weeks if i'm honest but I do listen to Pro Wrestling Report Sudden Impact Radio which keeps me up to date!!!)  and I couldn't believe what I saw Dixie Carter Stood in the middle of the ring with Hulk Hogan and Sting Apparantly Sting and Dixie "Begged" Hogan to come back and lead the company again as a general manager

hang on a minute............Storylline wise

Didn't Hogan and Bischoff Steal the Company from Dixie?
Didn't Dixie Carter lose her Company?

Why would she be stupid enough to do that?

If you left your pet with someone & they didn't give it back to you for a year would you 8 months later give them your pet again to look after because you think they wont do it again?.......Of Course Not!!!!

Now I know this is Wrestling and we are meant to have Short Memories and not remember anything but suddenly over a year later Dixie trusts Hulk Hogan again because in his match with Sting last year he became a good guy?

I feel like TNA have hit that Big Red Reset Button, All the members of Impact Wrestling a ringside. When I was watching I keep thinking of WCW - Russo and Bischoff in the ring talking about the new blood (Nothing like that this time Thankfully) but this thought was going through my head while I was watching it was as follows:

Did TNA know where they were going with Sting in charge?....or Did they not know where they were going to begin with?

Hogan  continued giving out orders in the ring in the opening Segment of Impact saying things like "I met with creative earlier today" and Making matches between Wrestlers for later that evening Hardy v Angle, A knockouts Number one Contender match and Roode vs Anderson Also asking to see Eric Bischoff later in the ring that night.

After that confrontation With Hogan and Bischoff on Impact a match for Lockdown was announced Team Eric vs Team Garrett (Eric's Son) If Eric wins Garett has to Leave TNA and If Garrett Wins Eric leaves TNA.

Then another thought stuck me: Are TNA Trying to be like WWE? TNA Lockdown is coming up very soon and the Team Eric vs Team Garrett idea sounds very similar to Team Teddy vs Team Johnny at Wrestlemania except TNA Version will be in a steel cage. Also as I mentioned earlier Hogan is now know as a "General Manager" and  When Eric BIschoff arrived at the arena he was met by Ric Flair and Eric Put over Ric as the "2 Time Hall of Famer" Eric while Without mentioning WWE, made WWE immediately come to mind that's something that you don't want the fans doing, thinking about your more successful Competition while they are Watching Impact Wrestling.

I  hope TNA can find their direction soon they have some great talent and there is great potiential within TNA for them to be something special but you can only press the reset button so many times........before you have to hit the Shutdown Button.

I'm Jon422002 and that's my view

Thanks for Reading

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