Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past

Hello All  this week thought I would Delve into Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past. This came to me as I was watching a video on Youtube earlier this week of Techno Team 2000 (Remember them?) A Tag Team that consisted of Erik Watts and Chad Fortune. They were a tag team in WWF in 1996 and they wrestled the Smoking Guns as well as others So what Id though I'd do is list some of the strangest gimmicks that I have seen in Wrestling. Of Course and as always this is just my opinion. Please see below each Gimmick has a video underneath where you can view a match/promo from the person(s) in Question.

As I started off with Techno Team 2000 here is a video below of them !!!


Kwang was actually played by Savio Vega and he debuted 1994. He was Managed by Harvey Wippleman, This Gimmick only lasted a year  then by Early 1995 the  Kwang experiment was finished . After this Savio Vega stayed with the WWF and came out as Savio Vega which got over alot better than his former character!

Man Mountain Rock

It seems like I'm picking on the old WWF at the moment but I promise you I'm not its just so many of these dodgy gimmicks turned up in the WWF around this time. Man Mountain Rock (Previously Maxx Payne) debuted this character in 1995 by the end of 1995 he was released from WWF. Man Mountain Rock's gimmick was that he would play guitar to the crowd before his match. If you watch the video below you will see what I mean (also you might recognize the music it was later used as Droz's Theme!!)

The Yeti

Here is a WCW gimmick The Yeti!!! Yeti was played by Ron Reis who later dropped this gimmick and became Reese in Ravens Flock in WCW. He debuted as Yeti  in 1995 on episode of WCW Monday Nitro as a member of the Dungeon of Doom and During the match between  The Giant and WCW Champion Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995 the Yeti interfered and appeared to hug/hurt both the giant and hogan by hugging them together!!! (check out the video below to see it all) lol!!


Phantasio was played by Harry Del Rios He made only made one  appearance in WWF you cant get a shorter gimmick than that!!! He was a kind of magician and I feel It was a very strange gimmick to have as he would do these strange tricks in the ring but he was portrayed as a babyface. I have found a video on youtube of his match below take a look at it - it's well worth a watch!!!

Well There we go there are some of my dodgy gimmicks of Wrestling!! Hope you enjoyed the blog! you can tweet me @jon422002 and let me know some of yours!!  

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