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WWE Draft 2011 Predictions

Hello All Its been a little while since I have done a blog!!! life has been pretty busy - but finally I'm back!!!! Since the WWE draft is coming up I thought I would be good to give you my thoughts on who I think might switch brands in the WWE Draft!! Remember these are just my thoughts on what I think might happen I have no information Just my predictions!!

In the main WWE Draft last year there were 8 Picks 4 for Raw and 4 for Smackdown so I will use the same template for these predictions Lets take a look at who I think will be drafted!!

Going to WWE Smackdown......

Draft Pick Number one

Randy Orton

I think Randy Orton will be heading over to Smackdown. I think Orton is a great Talent but just feel that he has become a little stale on Raw and I think the change to Smackdown  would really help freshen up his character and provide him with a new challenge and New matches. I think Orton going to Smackdown would do for him what I did for Edge a few years ago. Randy Orton really could be the Main Player on Smackdown and also fill the void left by Edge.

Draft Pick Number 2

Daniel Bryan

Going to smackdown could be a really good move for Daniel Bryan. I recent months his opportunities to shine on Raw have become limited. He is a great wrestler and Smackdown has more time to be able to Wrestle than Raw and I think Smackdown would be a fantastic place for Bryan to showcase his talents.

Draft Pick Number 3

Ted Dibiase

This might seem like a strange pick to alot of people but I really think Ted has alot of Potential and although at the moment he has not had the easiest of rides int he WWE I predict that the future has alot in store for him. Ted would be able to excel on Smackdown and maybe be able to get himself into a meaningful feud with other talents on Smackdown.

Draft Pick Number 4

John Morrison

Again people may not understand me picking John Morrison to go to Raw but hear me out. I think currently Smackdown has an imbalance where they seem to have more heels on Smackdown than they do good Guys. If Alberto Del Rio wins at Extreme Rules he will have Orton, Morrison, Christan to feud with which is what I think Smackdown needs so for me this move makes alot of sense and would really help even the imbalance out.

And going to WWE RAW.....

Draft Pick Number 1

Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger helped Michael Cole as his trainer for Wrestlemania and I think Swagger's Association with Michael Cole is really helping him. Swagger I think has been lost in the shuffle since losing the World Championship and Moving Swagger to Raw would give him a fresh start and a chance to be pushed more on Monday Nights.

Draft Pick Number 2

Cody Rhodes

I really Must Admit I have not been the biggest fan of Cody Rhodes actually I have really disliked him. Until he changed his character after been hit by Rey Mysterio's Knee Brace.The turning point for me was when I saw the promo on Smackdown between Cody, Dusty and Rey It was extremely well done and Cody seemed to have more of a presence - a presence which exceeded my expectations. I Really like this new aggressive Cody Rhodes. His match with Rey at mania was extremely good and I enjoyed it alot. I think Cody is really building a character for himself and has managed to turn "Dashing" into something that has meaning.

Draft Pick Number 3

Rey Mysterio

Rey has been the main staple of Smackdown for many years now and has been wrestling for many years and has suffered many injuries. Rey Moving to Raw would something that we have not seen for a very long time and I think that also with Sin Cara on Raw that Mysterio/Sin Cara either as a team or against each other would be great also and along with my 4th draft pick for Raw below below would help bring an exciting high flying style to Monday Night Raw!!!

Draft Pick Number 4

Justin Gabriel

I have a strange feeling that for some reason the former WWE tag team champions Slater and Gabriel will be split up. So with that in mind that think that Justin Gabriel will be heading to RAW. Gabriel (as Mentioned above) with Mysterio,Sin Cara, Evan Bourne Etc would create a great division of wrestlers for WWE to use on Monday nights. Its Dynamic exciting entertainment that the fans love so for that reason I can See Justin Moving brands.

So there is my WWE Draft Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you all enjoy the WWE Draft. Send me your though on who you think will be drafted on Twitter send me a tweet @jon422002 See you all again soon when I will be back with my WWE Extreme Rules PPV Predictions!!!

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