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TNA Victory Road 2011 predictions

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Hello All am here I am back again with a look at TNA Victory Road 2011!! As always what is written here is my own opinion!! With that said lets take a look at the card!!

TNA Victory Road 2011 Predictions

Beer Money, Inc.  vs. Ink Inc. Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I for one was very happy that Beer Money regained the TNA tag titles. Beer Money are the most premier tag team on all the wrestling today they have great timing, work together so well and are able to tell a story in the ring. Beer Money defeated Gunner & Murphy recently in a Tag Team Title on Impact from Carolina to retain the titles then after they won the match Ink Inc come out and challenge Beer Money for the Titles. I find the match set up a little strange as we have not seen Ink Inc for a little while but I understand why this match was put together Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal have become and entertaining Tag Team and I think that they will really put on a great show with Beer Money  but ultimately I think that Beer Money Will win this match and retain the TNA Tag Titles.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions - Beer Money

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan First Blood match

I have really enjoyed Hernandez being back in TNA and to bring him back as a heel was a good idea. There is lots of back story with Hernandez and Morgan from being Tag Partners to Matt Morgan kicking Hernandez in the head and "taking him out" of TNA until his return recently.

I think both of these men with have a great match with each other going by previous matches they are always entertaining. I do worry for both men about where they go after this. Matt Morgan at the beginning of the year was talking about World Titles and Title shots yet he seems to of been shoved out of the way in favor of other talents. I hope this isn't the end for Matt Morgan and that he gets a chance on top of TNA.

In the same breath I hope Hernandez came excel and do well himself. Hernandez has a very different/unique wrestling style combining power with selected high risk moves he has alot of talent and I think further down the road a Hernandez vs Angle would produce some really great matches.

A winner in this match? Well its really tough to call I want Morgan to Win but I think TNA will want to keep Hernandez strong so......

First Blood Winner - Hernandez

Kazarian vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E (w/ Cookie) Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship

I mean this in the best way possible but lets hope Max and Jeremy turn out for this one!! :) Like everyone else I really enjoy ultimate X matches they always bring something new and fresh to the table. I think Kazarian is champion is the right choice so TNA for far.

Kazarian really does carry the belt well and has had good matches with whoever he has been against. Gen Me are great athletes and I think both could shine in this match. Also Don't discount Robbie E and his ability i have said it countless times I Don't like his character or Cookie but he has ability and some good sound wrestling skills and that's what Robbie should be judged on. This is a tough one for me because I feel at the moment that no one can do better with the belt than Kaz has done but I have a feeling with the Jersey Shore stuff going on that Robbie E will win this ultimate X match and the TNA X Division title.

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion - Robbie E

Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer - Singles Match

This match between Bully Ray and Dreamer with be all out violence for both these two. Ray and Dreamer have been friends for a long time and i think that they will both want to put on the best match that they possibly can. I think this will be alot better than what alot of people are saying. The change for Brother Ray to Bully Ray has been a good one with Bully beating up Devon and his children and making himself a violent, obnoxious, son of a... you know what! We haven't seen Dreamer in a long time and I don't see how a win here would help him bit a Win here for Bully Ray would set up the final match between Devon and Bully Ray in a steel Cage at Lockdown very Nicely.

Winner - Bully Ray

Angelina Love and Winter (c) vs. Sarita and Rosita Tag team match for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship

So Angelina and Winter have been Knockout Tag Team Champions still not quite sure where there storyline is going at the moment.....but i must admit i do like the pairing of Sarita and Rosita think they bring something different to the knockout division a different style and presence. I have to be honest and say it as i see it. I think Sarita and Rosita will become the new TNA knockout Tag Champs!!

Winners and New TNA Knockout Tag Champions Sarita and Rosita

Matt Hardy vs. A.J. Styles Singles match

This I think will be a great match between "Cold Blood" Matt  Hardy and the Phenonenal AJ Styles. I think this could really be a sleeper match on the Victory Road Pay Per View. Matt Hardy had a great match last time in his PPV outing against Rob Van Dam. After Impact this week with Matt and Flair taking on Styles (even though it was meant to be a 3 way match) and Flair getting the pin and the win against AJ Styles - I think that will add to this match and make it more meaningful and more important. I hope this is the springboard that can put AJ back in the Hunt for the TNA World Championship a good series of matches with Matt Hardy could ceartainly help him get back into the mix. With Lockdown coming up after this PPV I can see Aj Winning this match - then of course a Lockdown seeing Team Immortal vs Team Fortune for Control of TNA Wrestling.

Winner - AJ Styles

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam Singles match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

I am really looking forward to this match. To give you all somebackground Mr Anderson loses his TNA Championship at the last PPV to Jeff HArdy. Jeff and RVD then face off in a TNA Championship match on impact and the special referee is Mr Anderson - who was really angry because he wanted his title shot. Things get heated between Anderson and RVD and Anderson gives RVD the MIc Check which has lead to these two feuding as to who will get the next title shot. I have a feeling about this match - Anderson has had much more of an Edge since losing the TNA Title I have a feeling that Mr Anderson is getting ready to turn heel - its just my opinion but like I said his character feels different maybe i am reading it wrong...we'll see. As for RVD always puts in greaat matches and there is always a flow to them. Id prefer not to see RVD in the title picture as I think Anderson,Sting and Jeff Hardy are the right mix for TNA at this time. I would like to see someone like Rob Van Dam (even if its just a little while) maybe getting onvolved in some x Division matches. I know Rob is older now but I still think he could have some great X Division Matches especially against soemone like Kazarian. I think a series between those two would be awesome!!!! So my pick for new number one contender the man that will go on and face the winner of Sting vs Jeff Hardy is.............

Winner - Mr Anderson

Sting (c) vs. Jeff Hardy Singles match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

It wasz great to see Sting return to TNA even though in my opinion the way TNA did not was not to my liking. I was surprised that Sting comes back and on his first night wins the TNA Title. After all Hardy had not been champin for all that long and in my opinion I did not think the match between Sting and Hardy on impact was the best we will see. With that being said though I am hoping that with this match being on PPV that they can give more time to them both to be able to tell a story and have them be able to do what they do in the ring. If i'm honest i would like Hardy to have the title back and here's why there are so many contenders to the title (Morgan, Anderson + Others) that all have a problem with Hardy because he screwed them one way or another it makes more sense that Hadry has the title so that these issues with the other contenders can continue to Evolve and hopefully as they involve draw interest and eventually draw money for TNA.

Having said all of that though I think taht Sting will retain his title here as you have all read this is not my preferred outcome but it is a sensible and safe Outcome for TNA. The TNA Title seems to be changing hands alot recently over the past few months (Hardy,Anderson, Hardy, Sting) and I think that it needs to stay on one person for a little while otherwise the title doesnt become important.

Winner and Still TNA Champion - Sting

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