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TNA Genesis 2011 Predictions

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the first PPV Predictions of 2011 and to start us off we have TNA Genesis 2011!!!

Would just like to say before I start a massive thank you to Pro Wrestling Report for Making me 2010 Fan of the year at their Pro Wrestling Reports Honors. It really is a massive Honor for me thanks you so much!!!

Now onto the predictions!!! Think the build in the last week before the PPV on Impact was really good and think it could encourage PPV buys for TNA. Now as always people these are my own predictions and own opinion!! So with that said lets take a look at TNA Genesis 2011!!!

Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson Singles match to determine the no. 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Matt Morgan vs Mr Anderson has been able to have a good long build from TNA Following the head injury sustained to Mr Anderson after receiving a chair shot from Jeff Hardy.

Following Mr Anderson having a concussion and Eric Bischoff trying to make Mr Anderson Wrestle, Matt Morgan stood up for Mr Anderson left Fortune and Immortal and went it alone and has managed to lose to Jeff Hardy Twice in TNA Title Matches.

Now these two face off against each other to determine a number one contender to face Jeff Hardy. For me I think the winner of this match will be Mr Anderson. TNA on the weeks leading up to this PPV have been going with the story that although Anderson states he is fit to wrestle in actuality he isn't.

I think Anderson is fine and that he will surprise Matt Morgan and Beat him at Genesis - I believe 2011 is the year of Mr Anderson.....Anderson!!!!

Jon422002's Prediction WINNER Mr Anderson

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships
This will be a tremendous tag team match. I think most wrestling fans are looking forward to this. The quality of matches between these teams has always been good and I think the best of five series in Mid 2010 really elevated both teams to a whole new level.

I expect even more of the same from these teams at Genesis. I truly believe that these two teams are the best in all pro wrestling right now. Motor City Machine Guns do some get spots in the ring and Beer Money really do have great timing and they are without a doubt a fantastic wrestling tag team. I think that Beer Money will win this match. Motor City Machine Guns have had a great run with the titles but I think its time for Beer Money to regain the titles.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle Double J Double M A "Exhibition"

Its Been great seeing Jeff Jarrett doing this ( "JJ Double MMA) Gimmick I think its been really good for him and has got him some great heat with the fans. Since the formation of Immortal Jeff Jarrett has been one of the Highlights and the videos he has down making Kids tap out was hysterical!! MMA fans will be cringing but for me as a wrestling fan I find it entertaining!!! Angle returned to the impact zone this past Thursday as Jarrett was making a "fan" tap out in the ring and has signed a deal to face Jarrett in a Exhibition match at Genesis.

Think this will be a great match between the two but I can just see this ending as a no contest or Jeff Jarrett slipping away from Angle due to Team Jarrett helping him out I don't see Kurt winning yet this storyline still has alot more to run yet and could get extremely interesting.....


Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon Singles match

So Team 3D has broken up and are going their separate ways. Now some people like this and some people hate this - I have got to say that i like this. Its been much better presented than when WWE tried to do it and Bully Ray has been giving really good Valid reasons as to my he turned on Devon and why he has taken the action that he has taken. Think TNA have been clever in doing this storyline and having Bully Ray hiding behind So Cal Val to escape Devon while 2 minutes earlier saying that Devon is Weak and he is Superior is some great booking by TNA. I do think that in this Match we will see Brother D'von Win this match then these guys can go there separate ways and then we will see how these two will do in TNA as singles competitors.

Jon 422002's Prediction WINNER BROTHER DEVON

Douglas Williams (c) vs. A.J. Styles Singles match for the TNA Television Championship, if A.J. loses, he is out of Fortune and Immortal

Doug Williams and AJ Styles have had some great matches together their last PPV match when Doug won the title was excellent and I really enjoyed their 15mins Iron Man Match on Impact as well. The steaks are really raised for AJ in this Match also because if he does not win he is out of Fortune and out of Immortal. These two will mesh together extremely well as before and will have a tremendous match switching from Brawling to High Flyimg to Submission to Grappling. This is a really hard one to call but I have a feeling that AJ Styles will LOSE this match, I don't know why I just feel like maybe TNA might be making AJ a "Good Guy" and that with everything that Bischoff has said to AJ that he might decide that he doesn't need fortune and doesn't need immortal.


Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kazarian Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship

Jay Lethal recently won the title back from Robbie E. I have got to say and I have said it before in this blog its just my opinion so take what you will from it - I like Jay Lethal and he is a great athlete but things haven't been the same for him since after his program with Flair in 2010. Lethal is a very talented Wrestler and I think he has a long and successful future in Wrestling but I just don't see him keeping his title. Kaz since he has come back I have really enjoyed - I think Kaz will go out there and get the business done and bring back the X division title to Immortal and Eric Bischoff.


Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James Singles match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship

In the last 3 months of the year I have felt like the women's knockout division in TNA is starting to pick itself up again after so many departures in TNA in the Division in 2010. Madison Rayne who had a great year last year and has really starting to develop her own character after being in the Beautiful people for so many years. Mickie James has not been able to capture the TNA Knockout title since she entered the company and I believe that she will not win it here. I think there are a few more matches in these two before the title switches hands so I'm going for the safe option...


Rob Van Dam vs. Immortal's Mystery Opponent Singles match

This one is a very hard one to predict as I don't know who his opponent will be - but it don't think it matters who it will be because I think Rob Van Dam will win this match. Van Dam is being built to face Jeff Hardy at some point and I think that Van Dam will get through the Immortal test and keep going to get to Jeff Hardy.

jon422002's Prediction WINNER ROB VAN DAM

Well there it is everyone my predictions for TNA genesis 2011 Hope you all enjoy the PPV and that is a cracking one to Kick off the New Year!!! :) Until next time.....

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