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WWE TLC Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV Predictions

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2010 PPV Predictions

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Hello All I'm back again with my next installment of PPV predictions. I gota say I seem to do better on WWE PPV's than I have when predicting TNA PPV on my last set of predictions for TNA Final Resolution I was 50% Right and 50% Wrong so bang in the middle!! Here's Hoping that I can do better for WWE's Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV Offering!!!

Kane (c) vs. Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

 Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Well I wrote this a few days ago and they were seperate matches before but now WWE have announced that we have a fatal four way tables,ladders and Chairs match for the WWE title. Think this is a very good idea as I really didnt have much interest in Edge vs Kane - the match build just felt all wrong to me. The addtion of Del Rio and Mysterio is a great move and also If neither one win this match they can have them go one on one to the royal rumble. Think this could be a really top notch match now think Rey, Del Rio and Edge will do most of the work in this one and honestly I think we will see a new WWE Champion. For me I think Alberto Del Rio will win this one I'm a huge fan of Del Rio and think he has made a great impact since joining smackdown. HIs entrance is great, he can wrestle and he's got heat - all the attibutes to make a great champion and should excel on Smackdown with the title.

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner and NEW World Champion Alberto Del Rio

The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton Tables match for the WWE Championship

Miz is the champion :) so people wont like that and still don't like the fact that he is the champion but if Miz was going to win the WWE title what better way for him to win  it than on raw (where no one expected him to cash it in) and also he cashed it in on a venerable Orton and picked up the title that way thus keeping Orton strong and leading to a rematch here. Now keep in mind that this match is a tables match - the same match in which Sheamus beat John Cena for the WWE title. My feeling is in this match is that MIz needs to win - and here's why Miz needs the added credibility of Beating Orton uninjured and 110%. As for Randy iv got to say that although I'm a massive fan of the viper his last WWE title run seemed a little stale - I said this before I don't think its his fault its just the way that WWE book him and present him to the crowd - just feels like not all the fans know how to relate to Orton (like they can with Cena - n.b like him or love him Cena's Merchandise sells - I don't see as much Orton merch on the fans....) Winner for this one...the man that is AWESOME

Winner and Still WWE Champion: The Miz

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett Chairs match

So John Cena is back in WWE.....Well WWE couldn't hold off all that long could they???? Why Barrett would request a chairs match with him is beyond me but still this is the match we are going to get. I have got to be honest I can only see one Winner in this match and that John Cena. After all that Nexus put Cena through this is time for Cena's revenge its a shame though because Barrett was in the main event a couple of months ago and was in the WWE title picture but WWE decided to go with Orton and MIz and not Barrett which is a shame because WWE have put so much money into him and I think had Barrett won the WWE Tilte a feud between him, Cena and Orton leading into this PPV (was possibily Miz involved too) I think would have drawn more interest. Think these two will have a good match together but they will both have to be creative with the chairs beacause as we all know chairshots to the head are banned (and with good reason too) so me as I said there is only one winner

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner John Cena

Sheamus vs. John Morrison Ladder match for the #1 contender spot to the WWE Championship

THis is going to be match of the night ladies and Gentlemen!!! I have said it before - these two will have an AWESOME ladder match!! Saw them both in a 30 min singles match in Cardiff Wales eariler this year and they had a incredible match WITHOUT any ladders involved - I expect this to be even better!!! THis may suprise people but this match is why I want to see this PPV. Sheamus becoming King of The Ring was a great idea and was very happy he won. Long Term I think Sheamus will face HHH and Morrison keeps developing. Think this will be a back and forward match but for me there is only one winner

Jon422002's Prediction: NEW Number One Contender for WWE Title: Sheamus

Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) vs. Natalya and Beth Phoenix Divas Tag-team Tables match

Wow!! a Tag Team Diva tables match I cant remember the last time that happened (or if its even happened before!!!) I think if these ladies are given time this could be and entertaining match.I really like Beth and Natayla and think they are great Diva's who can both wrestle extremelly well. Lay - Cool dont seem the same without the Diva's title and I have got to say it was entertaining with them as Divas co champs!! Im really not sure about this one im 50/50 on it but if I have got to pick one i think i'll go for...

Jon422002's Prediction: Winners Beth Pheonix and Natayla

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Well as you all know im a massive ziggler fan - I picked him as my next big thing of 2010 and have been proufd by what he has done!! He's held the title for a good few months now and had some good matches with Kaval too. Kofi and Swagger seem to have been a bit lost to me in the past few weeks/months but with MVP leaving WWE and Kaval with a reported injury looks like WWE have thrown them back into the mix. I have got to say I really feel sorry for Jack Swagger - he became WWE champ earlier this year and has been eneding the year with the Swagger Soaring Eagle - what a huge shame - though Swagger might really kick on this year but it looked like WWE didnt really have the faith in him I hope his luck changes because I think he deserves alot more so on that note my winner for this match

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger

Well there you have it ladies and Gentlemen thats how I think WWE TLC Will go. I hope we all get a great PPV to end the year and that it gives us some great stories and feud's heading into 2011. I hope you all enjoy the show!!

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