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TNA Final Resolution 2010 PPV Predictions

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

We are back again to look at TNA Wrestling's last PPV of 2010 Final Resolution. Now for those of you that remember The last TNA PPV that I predicted Bound For Glory 2010 and the matches didn't quite go how I thought they would do - So this time I'm aiming to get it spot on!!!

As Always these are just my opinions and what I think might happen - so without further ado lets take a look at the card!

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan Singles match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Special Referee Mr. Anderson

I have really been liking Jeff Hardy as a heel I didn't really expect it and Bound for Glory and I think since then TNA and Jeff have done a great job of Building him into someone that you really want to hate. I think Jeff's actions have spoken louder than his words - his Chairshot that took Mr Anderson out a few Months ago was Brutal and the way he acted afterwards just added more heat to him.

Matt Morgan is someone that I really like to. TNA had to turn Matt to a good guy after Anderson's Injury and considering what short period of time they have had to do it I think he has done well., On last Thursday impact it was revealed that Mr Anderson will be special referee in this match - as soon as I heard that I thought Anderson will screw Morgan and Join Fortune Anderson said something along the lines at Impact that "The Biggest Star would win" I think he's talking about Hardy so I'm going for Hardy for the win!

Winner and Still TNA Champion (with Anderson Screwing Morgan) Jeff Hardy

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) Full Metal Mayhem Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

These two teams have had a good feud and have met each other many times either on PPV or on Impact;. Think this will be a high Adrenalin - fast paced, blink and you've missed it match. I am a huge fan of MCMG and think every time they perform Shelley and Sabin get better and better. Saying that though I think I must say the same for Gen Me. I REALLLY didn't like Max and Jeremy when they came to TNA as Good Guy's i just wasnt buying it but as heels I think that we can see more of the personality of Gen Me and that mixed in with their in ring skill is a good combination.

Winners and Still TNA Tag Champions Motor City Machine Guns

A.J. Styles (c) vs. Douglas Williams Singles match for the TNA Television Championship

I think this has the ability to be Match of the night. Both of these men can wrestle and think that they will put on a great show. In addition this match has a good back story to it with Williams being a former member of Fortune and finally having enough of it and striking out again on his own. AJ Styles does have a broken finger but I don't think that this will affect him too much in this match. I would love to see Doug win this match as he is my fellow countryman and always like to see the UK guys do well but in the end I think Fortune will get involved somehow in this one and AJ Will retain his title.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion AJ Styles

Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship with Cookie suspended above the ring in a shark cage

Robbie E annoys me so much his character grates on me and drives me crazy but actually if you ignore that and look at him as a wrestler - he's pretty good. Of Course Robbie's Girl Cookie will be suspended in a cage because she has interfered so much in previous matches to help Robbie. Jay Lethal I feel really sorry for at the moment he had so much momentum a few months ago now it has all gone and Jay needs something to get him back in the groove again - but in this match I think that Robbie E Will Win and Retain.

Still X Division Champion  Robbie E

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe Submission match

I have really loved the development of this match. Jeff Jarrett has been so funny :). From beating Samoa Joe at the last PPV by chocking him with a steel pipe Jeff has stated that he is now an MMA expert and if you have seen impact you would of seen Jeff doing an MMA exhibition and then in one of the more funnier moments in TNA Recently Jeff making little Kids tap out!! Samoa Joe still seems really lost to me in TNA he had tat "Next big thing" tagged on him a few years ago and I think that he still can be a huge star but seeing what TNA have done with Jarrett Recently I cant see Jarrett losing this one.

Winner Jeff Jarrett

Abyss vs. D'Angelo Dinero Casket match

This story has continued since Pope was left by himself to fight the fight against Immortal. Abyss in their last PPV Match up got the upper hand by paying the Pope's Brother to double cross him and cost him the match against Abyss. Over recent weeks we have seen Abyss in the Casket, Pope in the Casket and even Eric Bischoff in there too. I want to say that the pope will win this match and get some redemption but my head keeps telling me that Abyss will will so I'm going with my head.

Winner Abyss
Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino First Blood match

First Blood!!! The War Machine who was the mole in EV2 who took Eric Bischoff's Money againits the whole f'n show Rob Van Dam. I'm really looking forward to this match I think that both these men will put on a really good match. They were both meant to feud in ECW but the company closed down before it could happen. I think these two will go all out and considering this could be Rhyno's last match in TNA I expect him to go out (if he does) with a bang. Expect this one to be a slobber knocker. I think also this match will be interesting as there is such a contrast in style from Van Dam's athletic style to Rhino's High Power style.

Winner Rob Van Dam

Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) Tag Team match with the winners becoming the No. 1 Contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship

To me there is only one outcome in this match that I would like to see. A Beer money Win!! I like Beer money to win this as I think another Beer Money vs MCMG match would be fantastic and I just don't see a title Match Between Ink inc and Gen me or MCMG being as good as what Beer Money and MCMG can do. This match will be a solid match with alot more emphasis on the flow of the match.

Winners and New Number one Contenders  Beer Money

Mickie James vs. Tara Falls Count Anywhere

Mickie and Tara are twp of the best female performers in Women's Mainstream Wrestling right now and I really dig there style of wrestling. These two will both put on a great women's match and as we have seen from them before they will probably go all over the building and I think if TNA give these girls some freedom that they could put on a classic Hardcore match.

Winner Mickie James

Hope that you all Enjoy the PPV :)

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