Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pro Wrestling Report - Credible, Reliable, Professional

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This piece is a little bit different to what I would usually write about I was going to do predictions but I felt that this was more important to write about it has been on my mind for a couple of days.

I would like people to know about because I don't think that Pro Wrestling Report get as much Credit as they should do for being as professional and responsible as they are when reporting wrestling news.

I  like to draw your attention to Pro Wrestling Report. I am a huge fan of what they do having found the radio show on Itunes nearly 2 years ago.

Pro Wrestling Report has been reporting Wrestling News and Information for over 13 Years and Also Have a Radio show on ESPN 540 and have a TV show to Called PWR Primetime. Hosted By Dameon Nelson who is joined by David Herro, Frank Conssentino, The Man They call Meathead and Linda Kay.

I would like to explain to you now why They ARE professional Wrestling Journalism and are the best in the world at it.

Last week a story came out (originating from Lanny Poffo) that Bobby Heenan was unwell and his health was deteriorating. Obviously this was very distressing news and soon enough all the "dirsheet sites" had reported on it and it was all over the Internet. These "Dirtsheets" sites just put it on their website without checking out the story or finding out what the situation was,

The Story did NOT appear on the Pro Wrestling Report Website...Why? Because they cared enough to find out the truth about a situation before putting on there Website - that's something that these "Dirsheet sites" could not be bothered to do.

Originally on Twitter last Friday  PWR Show Opinionist David Herro tweeted that he contacted Bobby Heenan's Wife and spoke to her and she said that Bobby was fine.

The Pro Wrestling Report contacted the Heenan family and this past week had Jessica Heenan (Bobby's Daughter) on their ESPN radio show where she spoke in depth about Bobby and gave a great interview about Bobby Hennan and told us all that the rumours were untrue and that Bobby is doing extremely well and is still as quick witted and happy as ever which was Tremendous news :) (listen to the Interview here

Just wanted to share that with everyone as I think Its something that needs to be known. If you want Credible, Reliable and Professional Wrestling News and Information there's only one place to go Pro Wrestling Report.

Many Thanks and until next time :)

(N.B if you would like to find out more about the pro wrestling report go to or follow @pwrshow on Twitter)

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