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WWE House Show Results Cardiff Wales 5th November 2010

HI and I'm finally back from my trip to Cardiff to see WWE Raw House show. First off there were lots of  families and Children in the crowd and also lots of John Cena Merchandise I had never seen so many Purple T shirts in one place!!

Justin Roberts Enters the ring and welcomes Cardiff to WWE Raw.

1st Match

Rtruth vs Alex Riley

Rtruth comes out to his old theme 'whats up' and Riley comes out and gets a good degree of heat from the crowd. This match went about 5 minutes and RTruth won with his spinning forearm. Rtruth then dances and celebrates in the ring.

2nd Match

Santino and Kozlov vs The Usos

Both teams are in the ring and before the match begins we hear the GM message tone. Justin Roberts reads out an email from the general manager stating there should be a dance off before this match. Santino and Kozlov start dancing then The Usos attack them from behind and the match begins. Good back and forth match with Kozlov in trouble for most of it. Until the makes the hot tag to Santino. Santino comes in and is on fire and pins one of the usos for the win. Santino was over HUGE with the live crowd.

3rd Match

Ezeikel Jackson vs Zavk Ryder

Complete Squah match it only lasts about 30 seconds Jackson dominates Zack and pins him.

4th Match

Goldust vs Ted Dibase

Both guys come out and strat wrestling after 8-9 minutes of this Ted kicks Goldust in the mouth and the match is stopped and the trainer goes to the ring and is patching up Goldust arounfd his mouth. This Goes on for about 5 minutes until the trainer lets Goldust Continue. Mtach goes for another few minutes until Goldust wins with the turn suplex.

5th Match

US Title Match

Daniel Bryan vs William Regal

This was a great match got to see a lot of proper old school wrestling from these two. There were lots of chants during the match lets go Bryan, Lets go Regal and they didn't die down and the chants increased during the match. A great 15-20 Match with ended when Daniel Bryan made Regal submit to the lebell lock.

6th Match

WWE Title

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett had lots of heat fans did not like him one bit apart from a group of English lads who were sat behind me! Orton and Barrett put on a good show for the crowd with Wade Barrett some very near pinfalls. Orton fired back at Barrett and nearly won the match himself - then Barrett went to clothesline Orton and missed and took the referee out (It was the best ref bump ever as the ref hit the deck and slid across the canvas!!) just after this happened Barrett hit Orton with the title belt and then grabbed the mike and ordered John Cena to come to the ring after a few moments of Barrett shouting, Cena comes out with a ref shirt on.

Cena comes into the ring and Barrett has got himself a chair and is going to hit orton with it Cena pulls the chair out of Barrett's hands, Barrett asks him what is he doing, Barrett then orders John Cena to hit Orton with the chair - Cena looks like he might do it. Cena then turns around again to face Barrett and in the meantime Orton finally gets up and is stood behind Barrett. Barrett turns round and Orton hits the RKO and Cena counts 1-2-3. Orton Wins

7th Match

Maryse and Alicia Fox vs Bella Twins With Special Referee Eve Torres

Typical Divas match. Brie Bella looked very good and solid in the ring she looks like she has alot of talent and i think could go really far in WWE. Alicia and Maryse worked well as a tag team but it was The Bella Twins who got the win after without tagging they switched over in the ring and got the win via a schoolboy rollup.

8th Match

Sheamus vs John Morrison

This ladies and Gentlemen was THE match of the night. People have been wondering since their match on Raw a little while ago whether these two could have a wrestling match without using any gimmicks. Will let me tell you they definitely can. An Incredible showing by both men it was a very even match and they were given at least 30 mins and that really helped as it added the physcology element to the match as they had time. There were several near falls for both men - Sheamus got his knees up for Starship pain and Morrison managed to kick out from Sheamus irish curse Backbreaker. Finish of the match came when Morrison who was going for a moonsault got hit by Sheamus and fell on the turnbuckle Sheamus then got Morrison in his Razor edge like finish manoeuvre and he got the win. Honestly these two are the future of the WWE was so impressed by what they did.

9th Match

The Miz W/Alex Riley vs John Cena

The MIz was really over with the Cardiff Crowd with large chants of MIz is Awesome. Before the match MIz cuts a promo saying everything he says he is going to achieve he does it. Miz states that the next thing he is going to do is to win the WWE Title because hes the MIz and He's Awesome!!! Cena then comes out kids go crazy for Cena. Miz and Cena wrestle each other with Alex Riley hitting Cena while the referee is distracted by the Miz. Cena is getting beaten for most of the match with MIz getting alot of near pinfalls. Miz gets frustrated and starts to undo a turnbuckle the ref stops him but Alex Riley undoes it. Miz ends up going into the now exposed turnbuckle and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win!!!

Biggest Pops of the Night

John Cena
Randy Orton

Was a really good show I left feeling I had my Money's worth from this WWE live event got to see some great matches Bryan vs Regal and Sheamus vs Morrison being the best two of the night!!
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