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WWE Night of Champions 2010 Predictions

Hello All!!!

After a Holiday break and some relaxation I'm back and here we are at another WWE PPV namely WWE Night of Champions.

First some background of last years event...

Last years event was a good show let me take you back to what happened in 2009 and give you some highlights.

Last year we saw Christain Defeat Tommy Dreamer to become ECW Champion in addtion we saw Kofi Kingston defeat MVP,Miz, Swagger, Carlito and Primo in a Six pack challenge for the intercontinental title.

Most notably this pay per view will be remembered for 2 things the first being the teaming of Chris Jericho and The Big Show as Jerishow defeating The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase) and the other I hear you ask?

Jeff Hardy Defeating CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship in a great match from what I remember. on a side note who would of thought a year later Hardy would be in TNA in Punk would be stuck in the WWE mid card again?

Now this brings me to this years WWE Night of Champions

The matches announced are as follows:

Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match for the WWE Title

Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Edge vs Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho

The 6 pack challenge elimination match to me the headlining match of the evening. This one is going to be a difficult one to call there are so many outcomes to this match that its going to be very difficult to predict.

I think Sheamus has looked great over the past few weeks especially in his match with John Morrison. Randy Orton is riding a wave of momentum coming into this PPV and has RKO'd many of his match opponents on Raw's leading up to this PPV.

Edge to me is a dark horse in this match although I'm a huge edge fan i think he is a tremendous talent since he came back he seems to of lost something he just doesn't seem quite myself yet. Wade Barrett the leader of Nexus and fellow Englishman Wade faced off with Randy Orton and also had past matches with Jericho, Cena and Sheamus Wade is a good outside bet for this match if WWE are looking at creating a shock and making a new star this is who they could use to do it.

I don't hate John Cena but I don't love him either - I really don't have much to say about him really we've seen the same sort of thing from him leading up to this PPV its my belief that I think he will be eliminated in the Match.

Jericho has been tremendous over these past few weeks on Raw his rants at Michael Cole/GM's Laptop have been great - he's been entertaining whenever he has been on. I would really love to see him win the WWE title again I think he is a great antagonist and he can put on some great matches but with rumours of him Possibly leaving WWE I'm not sure this will happen.

My prediction for this match? well it could well be any of them bit my gut feeling tells me its going to be....Randy Orton its a pure guess but I think this is the most likely Outcome.

Jon422002's Prediction - New WWE Champion Randy Orton

World Title No Holds Barred Match

Kane (c) vs Undertaker

Kane vs Undertaker well people have said we have seen it before and we have but I think that WWE have told a very logical story with this I think some of the promos explaining the past history of the brothers of destruction to the fans who don't know was a good move by WWE and showed a good logical reason as to why Kane would attack his brother. I think we we'll get a better match than fans expect from these to I think that the No Holds Barred stipulation will allow them some more leeway to do some more interesting things. My Prediction for this match is for Kane to retain the World Championship this prediction will surprise some people but I think they need to make Kane look strong as WWE are short of main event wrestlers and there are rumors circulating of Mysterio and Jericho leaving soon so i think this is a chance for Kane to gain more momentum and make him look like even more of a top guy to the WWE fans.

Jon422002's Prediction - Kane

United States Title

The Miz (c) vs Daniel Bryan

I'm really looking forward to this match. I think viewers of NXT season one who saw the heat between Miz and Bryan will be looking forward to this. My feeling is though that this match should of been done earlier (if Bryan hadn't of been fired) but nether the less which will be a good match up. My feeling on this match is that Miz is on such a roll in WWE. Money in The Bank Winner and WWE US Champion and after seeing what happened on Raw this week with Bryan dominating and using his lebell lock on Miz and Alex Riley I think Miz will lose his title and here's the reason why....

I don't think Miz needs the Title I think they need to start pushing Miz towards his ascent towards the WWE title and getting him in the mix with Cena, Orton etc So although Miz will lose he'[s on to bigger and better things because he's the MIz and He's Awesome!!!

Jon422002's Prediction - New US Champion Daniel Bryan

Singles Match

The Big Show vs CM Punk
Well where do I start with this one? Strange that this match is on Night of Champions as this one isn't for a title!!!!

At the beginning of this feud the SES were a group and they attacked Big Show and hurt has hand and by Summerslam the SES had lost to Big Show in a handicap match. Which leads us to today....there is now no SES (apparently CM Punk banished them all but we know that Mercury is injured and Serena was fired) I'm not really sure what to say about this one that Big Show will win this after all if Big Show can beat the old SES 3 on 1 why couldn't he beat CM Punk on his own? I just worry where this will lead for CM Punk he's got so much talent but is being left to wallow in the WWE Midfield.

Jon422002's Prediction - Big Show

Intercontiential Title

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston (if Dolph gets DQ'd or counted out he loses the title)

Well Dolph Ziggler is My Guy I proclaim him my pick of 2010 in January and I'm glad that he's done me proud and won the Intercontinental title. WE have seen over recent weeks that Dolph has tried to keep the title any way he can and we have seen more aggression some Kofi. Kofi is a great athlete and think he can go very far in WWE. But for me in this match I think Ziggler has to retain because if he beats Kofi he can get some credibility back and it would make him look like a viable champion. I have a strong feeling though after seeing Smack this week that Kofi will beat Dolph and become new WWE Intercontirntial Champion.

Jon422002's Prediction - Kofi Kingston

Lumberjill Title Unification Match

Team Laycool (Layla or Mccool) vs Melina

Think this is a good move by WWE to Unify the Women's titles. Not sure why WWE created the Diva's title I think they wanted each brand to have definitive champions but as we have seen with the Tag Titles I didn't seem to work. I think this will be a good Match and I'm not sure who will win this but I'm going to go for Laycool. Think they could do more with the label unified champions and run with it a bit longer than Melina could. After seeing Smackdown this week looks like Michelle is going to take on Melina. Think this will be a win for Michelle and she will be the first unified Women champion.

Jon422002's Prediction - Michelle Mccool

WWE Tag Team Titles

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith and Tyson Kid) vs ???? and ????

The WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line in this match. After seeing the Hart Dynasty on Smackdown this week losing to Drew Mcintyre and Cody Rhodes - I think it will be Drew and Cody that take on the Hart Dynasty on the PPV. But without anyone announced for this match (at time of print) its a bit hard to Predict but  I'm going to go for the mystery team. I think the titles have been with the Dynasty for a little while and they haven't done much with them so I think they would be better off with a new team and hopefully this will create a new feud with the Hart Dynasty.

Jon 422002's Prediction - New Champions Mystery Team

Well then everyone there is the Card for WWE Night of Champions lets take a look at my full list of predictions:

Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Michelle MCcool
Mystery Tag Team

lets see if I'm right on Monday Morning!!. Thanks for Reading all Hope everyone Enjoys the PPV!!

Until next time this is Jon422002 and that is my wrestleview

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