Tuesday, 14 September 2010

some 'smart' wrestling fans have no respect........

Hi this is Jon

I'm back and this Blog Entry has been written because I felt strongly enough to write about this issue. Some of you will think I'm right others will think I'm wrong and that fine we all have different opinions and that's what makes wrestling great so with that in mind please read on and Enjoy!!!

The Views posted in this blog are my own and they are my take on things. I have no inside information and what I write here is purely my thoughts and is written to create a debate and to make people think. Also keep in mind that i am writing about a certain section of wrestling fans the majority are fantastic and are what keeps wrestling alive to the great wrestling fans of the world thank you!!!!

Now read on to hear about these section of 'Smart Wrestling fans that annoyed me so much.......

I Went out on a lunch break at work on Friday Lunchtime and due to the location of work I had absolutely  nothing to do so an hour can be a long time. So I spend my time looking a twitter catching up with Wrestling news via @pwrshow (best wrestling news site in the world check it out!) anyhow while checking twitter I came across some tweets from Kevin Nash.

Nothing new there but these were different...

Kevin Nash was tweeting out about recent comments made by RVD that RVD and Hardy were rock stars and that no one else in TNA could do what they do or draw money...well Kevin Nash took exception to this (and for good reason) Kevin Nash worked hard throughout his career and has had numerous injuries and operations and has given so much not just physically but creatively as well.

Before you all start complaining I'm not defending Kevin Nash (he is big Enough to defend himself and he certainly does need me doing it!!!) Also I am aware that Nash has not been a saint throughout all of his career but then what top guy hasn't been?

I have heard that Kevin Nash spent alot of time with the young guys in TNA (Motor city machine guns, Jay Lethal etc) trying to help them, give them some physcology to their matches and try to make them better.

Then taking a look into Kevin Nash's twitter profile I saw tweets from 'wrestling fans' who were abusing Kevin Nash telling him how crap he is was and how he should get the hell out of wrestling and get off their screens.

Seeing those tweets got me really angry that some fans think that they have the right to be able to abuse wrestlers on twitter, those people should think themselves damn lucky that they even get a chance to speak to a wrestler at all. Wrestlers don't need to get a twitter account but they do so to interact with their fans.

Going back 10-15 years ago there was no opportunity to do that....

I'm not saying that we all have to be nice to all the time to everyone, of course at times we all send funny/humorous tweets and things we find funny - but to attack someones livelihood and all the efforts they have given to there job over the years I think is too much. Look at it this way what if your boss came up to you today in work and said to you (in stronger language)

"in your six years here you been useless,lazy, you cant do anything right and haven't done a thing properly since you walked in the door, your a loser get out of my sight"

How would that make you feel?  imagine getting that every single day in a form of a tweet would you put up with it? I'm sure you wouldn't and why should they?

So I feel that Wrestlers should be shown the respect they deserve for giving us the fans the opportunity to interact with them some fans need to remember that interacting with them is a privilege not a right.

Thats Jon's Wrestleview


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