Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jon 422002's Wrestleview

Welcome to My fiest Blog this is Jon422002's Wrestleview!

I have been a Wrestling fan since I was 5 years old (now 24!) and I want to write a blog on my views on a paticular subject in Wrestling in each blog. You dont have to agree with me - I hope my words will make you think and let you form your OWN opinion whether you agree or disagree.

Wrestling News Sites

Many fans like myself look in the internet for wrestling news and information I spent many hours looking to find a reliable source eventually I came across the Pro Wrestling Report (Actually as a radio podcast on my Ipod)

What I like about the pro wrestling report is that do not publish news until it is confirmed, they are not into rumours and they dont tell you what to think.

I came across some Dirtsheet sites before I found PWR (im not going to say who they are, but futrher down i'll give you a good idea of MY experience!!)

These 'dirtsheet sites' would allow me to look at a snippet of news and then ask me to pay extra to check out the full story! (what a cheek eh?) these 'Dirtsheet' sites dont have people working in WWE or TNA telling them whats going on so why should I pay for rumours when they dont know the truth themselves!!!

Also while I was on the 'Dirtsheet site' I checked out there audio shows and I have got to say they were awful it felt like thier opinion was being rammed down my throat and if you didnt agree with them you were a bad wrestling fan who did know anything and you opinion didnt matter because you dont agree with them.

thats not right to me......

Then (thankfully) I found what is right and good (in my opinion!!) on Wrestling News and Infomation on the internet . As I mentioned above I found PWR as a podcast on Itunes I downloaded it and decided to listen.

I listened to the show and was greeted by Dameon Nelson, David Herro and the man they call meathead. The show was concise it was giving me confirmed wrestling news and it invited the feedback of the fans whether they agreed or not with what they were discussing, they took phone calls from fans made them feel welcome & didnt make them feel less than them or demean them.

That was so refreashing to me.....,

I went to the website and there were NO POP UP ADS AND NO SUBSCRIPTION you are able to access ALL the information that was posted by the PWR Team and also while you are there can also watch PWR interactive (A Internet show that reads and discusses emails,tweets and comments from fans and PWR Primetime (which airs after smackdown in Milwakee on TV)...18 months later I am still listening and totally hooked thats how in my view a Wrestling News and information site should be run!!

That's jon422002 wrestleview!!!! :)

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