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The Excellent Legacy of TNA Impact Wrestling

The Excellent Legacy of TNA Impact Wrestling

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There has been an ongoing tug of War as Billy Corgan stated on ESPN radio this past week about the ownership of TNA impact Wrestling.

Billy Corgan confirmed in that ESPN interview that Vince Mcmahon and WWE are potential suitors for TNA alongside himself and its up to  Dixie Carter who she feels she wants to sell too.

I don't want to dwell on the negatives too many people are talking about that. 

 I want to talk about what positives TNA has made to wrestling business to the wrestlers and to the fans. I don't know who will end up with Impact Wrestling I hope it continues and is able to thrive in the future and the talents working for the company, Back Office staff and crew are all able to make a living in the business they love.

Producing Talent

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WWE needs competition, WWE has benefited from TNA Impact Wrestling especially over recent years singing former TNA talents AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Austin Aries.

Without TNA giving these stars an opportunity you may not see those talents having the success they have today, so as much as people criticise TNA for there booking etc but without TNA the wrestling landscape could look very different.

A lot of the stars were able to use TNA to be able to learn their craft on a national TV level and be able to find their characters who they are and what they are. TNA gave them a platform and an opportunity to develop themselves.

Creative Freedom

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Matt Hardy

In addition TNA gave a home to ex WWE talents who needed creative freedom and a new lease of Life. The notable is Matt Hardy. Since Matt Hardy Left WWE he went to ROH and a few other promotions but once he got to Impact Wrestling you were able to see the more creative and abstract mind of Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy recent broken character had been bringing more eyes on the product and created a lot of buzz for the company. Matt has shown that with a creative idea and great execution that you can bring more people in to the impact wrestling audience.

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Ethan Carter

Another perfect example of Ethan Carter EC3. Ethan Carter was Derrick Bateman in WWE. He wasn't given or WWE didn't see what Derrick Bateman could be.

He leaves WWE comes to TNA as Nephew of Dixie Carter and became one of the most compelling characters in TNA history.

He took an opportunity that was available in TNA and made something for himself, an opportunity that wouldn't of been there had TNA not exist.

Making a mark in the UK on TV and UK independent scene

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TNA also has been very important to the independent wrestling scene both in USA and also in the UK.

Talents are able to take outside bookings meaning that you can see talents closer to home working at promotions in your area. This has been so important as it gives the wrestler another source of revenue, the fans and opportunity to see TNA wrestler up close and personal and helps the promotion that they are working for by bringing in more fans.

In the UK TNA is televised on Challenge TV and is on free to air television the only wrestling program in the UK on free to air television. This has given TNA a lot of exposure and opportunities in the UK and helped it to become in the UK the most watched Wrestling show ahead of RAW and Smackdown (as they air live in the early hours of the morning too)

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Rockstar Spud British Bootcamp Season 1 Winner

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Mark Andrews British Bootcamp season 2 Winner

Due to TNA increased exposure this also led to Challenge TV commissioning TNA British Bootcamp a program looking for a future British star, Season one produced one of Impact Wrestling all time entertaining characters in Rockstar Spud and Season 2 one of Impact Awesome X Divison talents Mark Andrews.

British Bootcamp also helped introduce Grado to Impact Wrestling and gave him a further opportunity in the company and to help him forge a career in USA.

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TNA Impact wrestling has alot to be proud of they have been through some very tough years and had a lot of challenges along the way but TNA always rode those challenges overcame them and were able to push on from them.

I hope TNA stays in business, and as I said above I hope it can thrive in the future be profitable for whoever ends up owning it, viable for the talents who are employed by them and be another avenue for Wrestling fans to watch Wrestling

Without Impact Wrestling the wrestling business would be in a worse place.

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