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CM Punk Won at UFC 203 - He achieved his dream

CM Punk Wins at UFC 203 - He achieved his dream 

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CM Punk was a former wrestler who left WWE under difficult circumstances, following him leaving he was offered a deal with UFC to train to become a fighter.

A lot of people MMA fans, Purists, Pundits and MMA fighters layed into CM Punk and UFC for even making this deal with a man would had no previous fighting experience.

Do you Remember your first day at work in a new job? remember how nervous you felt and how many people have doubts and fellow colleagues have in you?

Take that feeling Then imagine people are criticising you before you even start in you job and saying you cant do the job you applied for and you don't have the skills and you cant do this and you wouldn't be able to learn it.

Then Imagine you  had to deal with hundreds of people telling you "your not good enough" through social media channels day after day for months and months

 After all that would you turn up for your 1st day?

CM Punk did
CM Punk had to deal with all this before he even entered the octagon.

There were many people doubting that when CM Punk announced he was going to fight in UFC that he would even make it to the octagon and thought he would quit before having a fight.

CM Punk suffered setback with injuries and surgeries and having to take more time than he wanted to make his debut. CM Punk talks about this in interview video below

CM Punk talks to Ariel Helwani 3 days before his UFC Debut and talks about his Journey over the past 2 years

CM Punk went into UFC knowing it could go other way Win or lose.

CM Punk said many times that he would enter the octagon and was going to either "kick ass or get his ass kicked" CM Punk went up against 2-0 Fighter Mickey Gall and Mickey was able to make CM Punk Submit in the first round.

You can hear CM Punk post match thoughts in the video below

CM Punk Post fight interview

Punk stated in his post fight interview

“I know there were a lot of doubters, but life is about falling down and getting back up,It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s about getting back up. So if there’s any kid out there who’s been told by a parent or a coach or a teacher, somebody they look up to or somebody that’s supposed to push them and believe in them and they’re told no, don’t listen to that.

Believe in yourself. Sometimes, the outcome isn’t always what you desire it to be. But the true failure in life is not trying at all. I know that sounds preachy and kind of weird for a guy who just got beat up, but [expletive] it. This was the time of my life.”

To me CM Punk won at UFC 203. Some of you will say I'm crazy CM Punk Didn't win his match and you'd be right CM Punk didn't win his match, but he did win, because he achieved his dream and what he set out to do.

How many of us have dreams personal or professional that we haven't reached? How many of us have something we want to achieve but were too afraid to make that decision and make that jump into the unknown?

CM Punk wasn't afraid to make that decision and to take that risk. Failure isn't trying and not succeeding failure is not trying at all.

CM Punk did something that not may others have done he made his MMA debut in front of millions of people live on PPV. Most Fighters start off their career in smaller promotions then work their way up to UFC. CM Punk was offered an opportunity by UFC and he took it and he took it knowing what lay in store for him.

CM Punk has said himself that he is not sure what is next for him, but would like for his MMA career to continue whether in UFC or not.

CM Punk UFC 203 Post show Press conference highlights 

CM Punk story doesn't end yet he has more to go as he said himself "Go Big or Go Home" you can question CM Punk Ability, CM Punk MMA style or MMA credentials one thing you cant question is his heart, his belief, his passion and his guts to follow his heart and to keep achieving, Progressing and believing in his dream.

This isnt the end for CM Punk its just the start

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