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Best Of Big Grizzly in Pro Wrestling Pride

Best Of Big Grizzly in Pro Wrestling Pride

Big Grizzly is one of Pro Wrestling Pride fastest rising stars. Big Grizzly came to Pro Wrestling Pride on 7th Feb 2015 and defeated Josh Knott in his first match.

Big Grizzly vs Josh Knott w/Calum Caine

The Debut of Big Grizzly

Team C2 are out first and they are conversing in the ring. next out is big grizzly this is the first match I have seen at Pro Wrestling Pride of Grizzly and got to say that he really impressed me in his match with Josh Knott.

Josh is doing everything that he can to get Grizzly off his feet and there is lots of interference on the outside by Hawke and Cain jumping on the apron throughout the match or getting involved in the match by Distracting Grizzly and allowing Knott to take the advantage and get Grizzly down at one point when Grizzly was in the corner - Tyler Hawke is choking Grizzly from corner and trying to do everything he can to help Knott.

After all the interference and all the shenanigans from Team C2, it looks like Grizzly is set to lose this match, However Grizzly is able to overcome the odds that he has and he ends up pinning ~Knott and getting the win.

After the match the story continues as Hawke gets into the ring and gets grabbed by the throat by Grizzly and Cain tries to Stop Grizzly but Hawke gets a huge chokeslam in the centre of the ring. Grizzly then goes after Knott again but Cain has the mic and is telling Grizzly that he has a contract for a world title match and that Grizzly needs to listen to him if Grizzly leaves Team C2 alone and agrees to let Cain manage him that Cain believes that he can take Grizzly to the world title - Grizzly spends a lot of time thinking about it and thinking about what he should do but he agrees and leaves with team C2 however Josh Knott was visibly unhappy with Cain actions and did not leave at the same time as Cain, Hawke and Grizzly, then knott pushed Cain. It looks like there could be a further story to this and some dissension in team C2 as we go forward

Moving Onwards and upwards

Big Grizzly then won Pro Wrestling Pride annual Prize-fighters Tournament defeating Darren Saviour in order to get a shot at Pride Wrestling Pride World Heavyweight Championship.

Following on from that match only 3 months later at PWP 2nd Anniversary Show Big Grizzly defeated Chris Andrews to Win the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight championship.

Big Grizzly first run with the title had him face Titan, Samie Sahin, Bram and Chris Andrews in a 3 way match,

Until 2 months Later at Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends July 2016 Big Grizzly lost Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Title to Mr Anderson.

ON 30th August 2015 Big Grizzly won back the Pro Wrestling Pride World Title beating Mr Anderson in a great match in Truro

Here was my blog post about the match at the time


This was their return match after Mr Anderson had beaten Grizzly in Pagnton a few months before. Grizzly wanted his title back and was going to do everything he could to get it. This match was pure entertainment it had twists and turns and took you on a journey, it didn’t end when everyone thought it would and really built well throughout the entire match. This to me is a PWP match of the year contender.

Let me just say 1st off that this match was incredible both Big Grizzly and Mr Anderson put on a brilliant world title match for the crowd in Truro the natch was so good the fans were chanting "this is awesome" This could well be a 2015 PWP Match of the Year contender.

Big Grizzly comes out 1st and he looks pissed off. It looks to me as if Big Grizzly has not forgotten about his title loss to Anderson back at PWP Heroes and Legends in Paignton. Grizzy is in the ring and he is pacing awaiting the entrance of Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson comes down into the ring and Grizzly is ushered to the apron, Mr Anderson then gets the ring Announcer Aaron to bring a chair into the ring and Aaron stands on the chair with the microphone ready to drop it in Front of Anderson but before he can Anderson elbows Aaron right in the groin! it got a massive laugh from the crowd!

Aaron (after a moment!!) then goes to put the microphone in front of Anderson and Anderson takes the microphone this time and starts his in ring introduction from Green Bay Wisconsin, weighing 19.33333333333 stone (beautiful touch from Anderson) Mr Anderson........but before he can say Anderson again Big Grizzly is in the ring and attacks Anderson from behind and the match begins.

Grizzly attacks Anderson with a series of punches and pushes Anderson to the corner, but Anderson comes back out and Grizzly gets hot with a backdrop with leads to Grizzly going to the Outside, Anderson goes outside with Grizzly and they fight into the crowd and up the tiered seating!

Both men then come back down and are fighting on the floor by the ring and Grizzly hits big chops to Anderson and gets Anderson in position for a powerbomb on the floor but Grizzly gets backdropped hard onto the floor the sound of Grizzly body hitting the floor echoes all throughout the arena, Anderson gets Grizzly into the ring but as Anderson goes to come in Grizzly grabs Anderson head and pulls him through the 1st and 2nd rope and Anderson feet are hanging off the 2nd rope and Grizzly hits a big 2nd rope DDT!!!
As the match continues Grizzly is becoming more dominant in his attack he has Anderson in a front face lock and then brings Anderson to the canvas and Grizzly then transitions onto a rear chinlock, Anderson manages to battle up from this position and it looks like the tide of this match is changing but it is not be  as Grizzly whips Anderson into the corner and hits him with a running clothesline. They then comes out of the corner and Anderson falls to the canvas Grizzly decides to go up to the 2nd turnbuckle  but he is taking a long time and Anderson manages to get up and get on the 2nd Turnbuckle with him both men now are jostling for position and Anderson goes to lift up Grizzly for the Green Bay Plunge but Grizzly cuts off Anderson and pushes him off the 2nd rope to the canvas.

Grizzly then jumps off the 2nd rope and hits a massive 2nd rope senton bomb Grizzly and Anderson hit each other and are both on the canvas both men are on their knees in the ring punching each other Crowd Cheering for every Hit Anderson lands and boo-ing for every hit Grizzly lands!!!

Both men are now back on their feet and Anderson goes for his Mic check finisher but Grizzly finds his way out of it, Grizzly then gets hit into the corner and Grizzly comes out and Anderson picks him up in the firearms carry in an amazing feat of strength gives Grizzly the Green Bay Plunge!!!

Grizzly is slowly getting to his feet and Anderson again goes for the mic check but Grizzly blocks this again and then grabs Anderson by the Throat and hits the Big Griz Chokeslam he covers Mr Anderson 1....2.....and kickout from Mr Anderson!!!

Grizzly brings up Anderson and goes to Irish whip him into the corner but senior referee Ed Dyer is stood there and he gets squashed and is out on the canvas. Anderson hits the mic check and covers Grizzly but there is no referee! Grizzly is out and the crowd are counting along Anderson tries to revive the referee but out of no where JD Knight enters the ring with the PWP world title and he goes to hit Anderson but JD gets caught with a Mic Check but the belt falls to the feet of Grizzly, Grizzly runs at Anderson who is now stood up and hits him in the head with the title Grizzly goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out again!!

Grizzly cant believe it, Grizzly gets ahold of Anderson and goes to bring him up but Anderson gets a small package but gets a 2 count! JD is up on the apron and Anderson knocks him off Grizzly is then able to hit a DDT and now revived Referee Ed Dyer Counts to 3 and we have a brand new PWP World Heavyweight Champion Big Grizzly!

2nd Championship Run

In his 2nd run as champion Big Grizzly defended his title against Chris Andrews, Rhyno x2 and Uk Dominator to round off 2015. As 2016 came into Focus Grizzly was still the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Champion.

In January 2016 Pro Wrestling Pride had their 1st show of the year in Taunton with Kenny Omega. On this show Big Grizzly took on ROH star Donovan Dijak in an incredible match. It was a hard hitting tremendous contest and one worth checking out.

A month later in February 2016 at PWP The Real Rock N Rollas Big Grizzly had another huge challenge to overcome where he faced WWE legend Billy Gunn for the PWP heavyweight title. Grizzly was also overcome this challenge and he was becoming one of the most dominant champions in PWP history.

Big Grizzly over the next few months in 2016 then defeated his title against Samie Sahin, Ultimo Tiger, Chris Andrews, Eddie Ryan, Danny Jones and in May 2016 Big Grizzly faced current WWE NXT star Johnny Gargano in Teignmouth.

In his next match vs Eddie Ryan at Pro Wrestling Pride one of a Kind in July 2016 Grizzly lost the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Title to Eddie Ryan. Grizzly held the title on his 2nd occasion for an impressive 10 months It was a tremendous run filled with amazing matches and moments against top notch opponents.

You can watch the highlights of Grizzly vs Ryan here on Pro Wrestling Pride Fight League

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