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The Elite - Entertaining Wrestling Fans Worldwide

The Elite - Entertaining Wrestling Fans Worldwide

Matt, Kenny and Nick

In 2016 we live in a very well connected world,  I can speak to friends thousands of miles away and keeps me in touch with so many people all over the world.

In Pro Wrestling the wrestling fans of the world are more connected than ever and its for the better. Fans are getting to experience many different styles of wrestling and the many different forms that it is presented.

Whether it be UK, USA, Japan, Mexico or companies like WWE,TNA Lucha Underground, PWG, ROH, NJPW, AAA each has their own style and their own way of presentation.

When I was a kid we only had WWF and we were only given their way of presentation and that became the accepted way to present Pro Wrestling because it was the most popular.

That's what I love about Pro Wrestling in 2016 there isn't one way to do it, its such an incredible art form that you can present the product as wrestling and one company can do it one way one can do it another way and they both can be entertaining and fun.

The Elite Logo

In my opinion I think that The Elite (A group consisting of Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) are presenting their form of professional wrestling and people are gravitating towards it.

I think because they are entertaining, catch the attention of the audience and keep the attention of the audience in 2016 that's no easy feat.  They understand what wrestling fans want and what entertains fans and they are tapping into that.

To capture the attention of the fan in 2016 I feel you need to be different, you need to be unique The Elite do that. The Elite  don't do the usual "whats done before pro wrestling" that your used to seeing.

We are always being told that in Wrestling the same thing is always being done and there isn't anything new...

The Elite are that something new, that something different.

Its about Superkick meters, Meltzer Drivers and over the top fun!

An Elite Day T Shirt

Bullet Club w/Superkick meter in the bottom corner

Their feud with New Day has Wrestling fans talking, it takes twists and turns and no one knows where it is going next its intriguing to people as it hasn't been done before and fans want to see where this will go.

New Day Sucks?
See the Video Below

The Follow up video An Elite Intervention
See Video Below

You have Numerous tweets from both sides, The Elite wearing New Day T shirts,  Big E going out on WWE TV with a broom (A nod to Kenny Omega) you have Xavier Woods saying New Day "are the Elite Tag Team in WWE on WWE PPV" and  Kenny Omega taking on Xavier Woods in CEO (Community Effort Orlando) 2016 in Street Fighter V.

They are blurring the lines in 2016, taking shots backwards and forward with each other you have a group from WWE (New Day) and a Group from New Japan (The Elite) its not happened before and is capturing the imagination.
Big E with the broom in WWE

Austin Creed (left) Kenny Omega (right)

The Elite have their own youtube channel and upload entertaining videos regarding their feud with New Day or just things that they find entertaining. They also have a documentary type series called
"Being the Elite" which shows Matt, Nick Kenny and Adam Cole and it documents their travels from Show to show all over the world from America to Japan and Everywhere in between.

Elite Youtube Page

Importantly this series gives the fan the opportunity to see more behind their favourite characters and the sacrifice and hard work that they put in order to be successful in Pro Wrestling. In my opinion it helps the fans invest more in the wrestlers they are seeing in the ring and gives fans context and another dimension.

A Great example of This is Episode 5 of "Being The Elite" it shows Matt and Nick leaving their family to head to Japan to Wrestle on NJPW Dominion show and what they get up too in Japan with Kenny Omega.

You check it out below

Fans are able to see these all over the world. The advent of technology has allowed us to do that, and The Elite have grabbed the opportunity with both hands and used this to create an opportunity for them and to increase their reach all over the world in professional wrestling.

The Result, they are one of the most Successful Groups outside of WWE in the World and continue to grow and prosper.

The Elite Work for many different companies across the globe have some of the biggest selling merchandise in the world.

They are clever unique and aren't afraid to take a risk and reap the rewards. The Elite might not be to  everyone taste and style but that's OK, in my opinion they don't need to bee they just need to be themselves.

I hope The Elite continue to innovate continue to go out on a limb, they are forging a new path in Professional wrestling lets see where this path takes them and what they can become.

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Jonathan Orchard

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