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Wwe network and wwe2k15 - delays and disappointments

WWE network and wwe2k15 - delays and disappointments

As always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan I'm not an'wrestling expert and don't proclaim to be one, just giving my opinion. With that said hope you enjoy the blog!!! :)

I have been really disappointed by WWE recently first I hear that wwe 2k15 is being delayed for the ps4 and Xbox one due to 2k sports the game developer needing more time to make the game 100% as It needs to be. It's frustrating as this game is really anticipated and the announcement of new game mode my career sounds great, it's an annoyance for me but it's something I can understand.

A statement in read
"WWE 2k15 has been delayed on PS4 and Xbox One to November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe, 2K has announced.
The next-gen installment in the popular franchise was originally expected on October 28 in North America and October 31 in Europe. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will still launch on those dates"

To follow up this delay I was eagerly anticipating the wwe network coming to the UK on 29th September 2014 there hadn't been much going into this date in terms of advertising and it seemed to be really quiet and then on it was announced on 1st October that wwe have delayed the launch of network in the UK the statement stated that wwe had wanting to push the launch back in order to be able to talk to "potential partners" wwe in the same statement advised fans that they would make another announcement about wwe network in the UK on November 1st 2014 at the moment no one knows when the network will be launched in the UK.

full statement on read

"The launch of WWE Network in the U.K. will be delayed given discussions with potential partners. A launch date will be announced by November 1st," 

Sky sports (who carry all wwe programming in the UK) said before the potential launch that wwe network is a subscription service that "has nothing to do with sky" I am wondering and don't have this as fact but wether wwe are trying to partner with sky in the UK to make wwe network available only on Sky go (Sky own online viewing platform).

Sky and WWE have been partners in the UK since 1990 for 24 years and I think WWE don't want to ruin such a great relationship with them so maybe a bit more time around the negioataing  table and wwe may be able to iron out Any issues with sky and then be able to make wwe available in the UK.

Sky I suspect are concerned about ppv revenue in the UK as they collect all the money for UK ppv £15 a month if this revenue were to decrease this could affect sky ability to carry wwe programming and may not be as profitable as it is now for them.

I hope wwe can get this sorted out soon for the benefit of them and their share holders  so that more money can be made from subscriptions but also for the fans who have had network shoved in their faces for nearly the past year but have not been able to access it hopefully the wait is nearly over

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