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Daniel Bryan Fans Be Careful What You Wish For

Daniel Bryan Fans Be Careful What You Wish For

Picking up from a point that was made on Pro Wrestling report this last week about the fans and Daniel Bryan is there a risk that if the fans get what they want at Wrestlemania that the same with happen to Bryan as what we have seen happen to the likes of Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and others they get a little piece of success and the fans stop caring about them.

fan adulation didnt mean success for Zack Ryder
This is a very different case in some ways but similar in others in terms of placing on the card it is different however In the case of Zack Ryder the fans got to the point of chanting "We Want Ryder woo woo woo" at The Rock at Madison Square Garden at survivor series fast forward a year later and Zack Ryder was no where to be seen. Why was that, to be honest in my opinion because the struggle of Zack Ryder was over....they wanted to see Zack win the US or IC title they wanted to get behind and underdog and see an underdog succeed. Zack Ryder was the ultimate underdog he started his own youtube show after being frustrated by what WWE weren't doing with him, that show became a huge hit with WWE fans and as such his popularity soared and WWE ignored it. Similar to Daniel Bryan to being with WWE didn't  want to acknowledge what the fans liked. This in turn just made the fans louder to the point where the fans were cheering Zack Ryder name at The Rock. However once  Ryder became a champion things changed, WWE took over editing his youtube show and within a year Zack Ryder was no longer on Raw the fans didnt keep demanding Ryder after this his demand faded away.

see below from survivor series 2011 Fans chanting Zack Ryder name to The Rock

This is why WWE and Daniel Bryan have to be very careful. As Dameon Nelson rightly said most fans enjoy the chase rather than the catch and following on from the catch its whether he can keep that momentum going forward. if Daniel Bryan wins a Wrestlemania 30 and becomes WWE champion are people going to start to lose interest similar to Zack Ryder above? Daniel Bryan rise in WWE has been incredible and well deserved too, he has created a name for himself and due to Yes and No chants that he created, they will be heard in the WWE for Years to come.

Fans can make a wrestler but they can also break a wrestler too. every story needs an ending and once this ending comes and the story of Bryan being held down is over what can WWE do Next?

I feel that they need to keep it going but in a different way, people will have the pay off, so now re tell a new story one of Triple H being livid that he lost at Wresltemania which allowed Bryan to get in to the Title Match and win the title. Triple H is now putting every big heel in front of Daniel Bryan in every type of match in order to get the title back off him, so the emphasis is on Bryan being in peril as champion but still trying to win through against seemingly impossible odds, this I feel would help keep Daniel Bryan in the mix with the fans after Wrestlemania 30 and beyond and keep Bryan in that role, but it needs to be handled carefully if not alot of great potential and alot of merchandise and business dollars for WWE could go to waste.

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