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My Memories CM Punk in WWE 2006-2014

CM Punk Best Moments in WWE 2006-2014

So it seems we have come to the end, CM Punk has left WWE and told Vince Mcmahon that he was reportedly "going home" and that he would not be on live events going forward 

I am going to focus on some of the career highlights  from my perspective of CM Punk throughout his career in WWE and go over some of my favourite moments. remeber these are my memories as a wrestling fan, yours may be different but these are the moments that mean something to me.

CM Punk debut in WWE

CM Punk Debuted on ECW against Justin Credible, the crowd really helped set the scene for CM Punk in this match as the moment he walked out he already felt like a star, perception counts for a lot in wrestling and with the fans already cheering punk although most WWE fans had never seen him before it made punk feel like a star from day one, click the video below to watch Punk in his first match

CM Punk wins the ECW Championship

CM P:unk gained his first championship in WWE by defeating John Morrison in a last chance match on ECW WWE TV in September 2007, Punk and Morrison had been feuding for some time and Morrison always seemed to get the upper hand but in this match it was CM Punk time to take the championship away from Morrison and become the first ever straight edge ecw champion, see the match below

CM Punk is Mr Money In The Bank

At Wrestlemania 24 at the citrus bowl in Orlando in front of  a massive ppv crowd CM Punk went into the money in the bank ladder match as quite the underdog. Punk went in facing Mr Kennedy,Chris Jericho,  Carlito  Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison  and MVP CM Punk was able to win this match and become Mr Money in The Bank for the first time. see highlights from the match below

CM Punk wins the cashes in his Money in the bank briefcase and wins World Heavyweight championship

CM Punk cashes in his briefcase against Edge who had just been in a fight with Batista, Cm Punk pins Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! This was a huge moment and i remember being so happy when this happened i thought at the time that this would be a big change of direction for wwe and would mean a big change as they gave CM Punk the chance. See Punk win below

CM Punk "pipe bomb promo"

Every wrestling fan in the world knows what this is and this started the era of the best in the world, CM Punk at that time broke out of the mould and did something no one else had done or dared to do he spoke out he told us all how he felt and what was wrong with WWE. This night CM Punk made himself a megastar, i remember watching this and couldn't believe what i was hearing it was what all fans wanted to hear for such a long time but never thought they would, punk talking about the mcmahons, about perception of john cena, his unhappiness at what he was being given at the time, punk let out his anger and emotions, it is one of the greatest moments in wwe history and is certainly the greatest moment for me in the last 10 years of wrestling.

watch the whole promo below.

CM Punk defeats John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011 for the WWE Title

After his pipebomb promo and stating that he is going home with the title CM Punk does just that by beating CM Punk and then leaving through the crowd with the WWE title this match took place in Chicago the hometown of CM Punk and the crowd went cray for this match it was 110% pro cm punk. again one of the most incredible matches of the modern era as old and new fans had never seen anything like it, and there was a buzz around wrestling at the time it felt like a new movement was taking place see the match below

CM Punk hits the GTS on The Rock

Its Raw 1000 the 1000th episode of Monday night raw and towards the end of the episode The Rock comes out to the ring to face The Big show TheRock gives the spine buster to show and just about as he is going to give the peoples elbow to the big show, com punk comes into the ring clotheslines The Rock and gives him the GTS, this starts CM Punk Run as a bad guy in wwe.

Cm Punk joins forces with Paul Heyman

This is a great moment for me and going forward for the next year or so it was pure genius. Heyman and Punk together were fantastic, Heyman carrying the WWE title and talking on the microphone combined with Punk wrestling skill and great bad guy characteristics and pipebombs made this one of the must see duos in the last 10 years and it was a partnership that led to Punk having the WWE title for a record 434 days. see the video below where CM Punk attacks John Cena and Paul Heyman is revealed to be his driver!

CM Punk vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29

CM Punk then defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show in a match on Raw to see how would face The Undertaker. little did anyone know at that time how controversial this feud would be. Not long after this feud started the legendary manager of The Undertaker Paul Bearer sadly passed away, as Undertaker was giving tribute to Paul Bearer int he ring, CM Punk came out and interrupted. This was the first of many things Punk would do including taking the urn and Paul Heyman dressing up as Paul Bearer on one occasion also. AtWrestlemania 29 CM Punk lost to The Undertaker. I was at the event and it was the best match i had ever seen live a tremendous wrestling match which even had a friend of mine who isn't a wrestling fan jumping out of his seat, that made me realise the genius that i was seeing in front of me that Punk and Undertaker could illicit that emotion. see below the match Cm Punk vs Undertaker.

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