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Impact Wrestling - Creative, Creating an Impact

Impact Wrestling - Creative, Creating an Impact

May 2013

Welcome to my new blog looking at Impact Wrestling and the positives that TNA  and Impact Creative Team have made to Wrestling so far this year please read on and as always everything you read is my opinion and my opinion as a wrestling fan I'm not a wrestling "expert" and don't proclaim to be one so with that said enjoy!!
TNA Impact Wrestling owned by Dixie Carter made some changes in the early part of 2013. Impact Wrestling decided to do what in my opinion needed to be done for a long time they took the first step to change the Wrestling business and change the Model that the Wrestling business had been so successful on in the past.
Dixie Carter stated

“The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade,” says TNA President Dixie Carter. “The traditional pay-per-view wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well.”
The First thing Impact Wrestling did was to change from once a month Pay per Views. The Pay per view market I think needs to change and Impact weren't afraid to make the change from the traditional.  The difficulty is that with one pay per view a month everything seems very rushed and doesn't give the fans time to be able to invest in the characters and the story lines that Impact were trying to Create.

We are in a different society now to the one we were in in the 90's when wrestling was at its apex As a society we have advanced so much more with the advent of Social Media, TV & Movies episodes able to be viewed online and even Par per views can also be ordered online.

Everything the customer wants now in terms of media can nearly always be done on demand or downloaded, its instantaneous gratification there is no wait, no anticipation and no patience. Today's audience wants it all now this second. The reason that  has happened is that in general we have been conditioned as a society to get what we want straight away.

Impact Wrestling through this year with one angle has shown that through great planning and execution that a story can play out of the long term with great success.

Impact Wrestling and their Creative Team gained success with the recent Aces and 8's storyline. Impact wrestling and their creative team put together a logical, sensible plot and it culminated after 9 months - Which I think is an incredible feat given what I described above with today's challenges with the attention span of the audience. They did what I haven't seen done in a long time they had a long term plan and were organised.

In the process of this storyline as well they made Bully Ray a main event star and Impact Wrestling Champion. This whole storyline was build around him and his actions towards Brooke and Hulk Hogan. Bully Ray has been made an even bigger star because of this storyline he is the guy everyone hates and wants to see get his butt kicked. Also the Aces and 8s angle allowed some new faces to be introduced such as Mike Knox and Luke Gallows.

The clever thing was Bully Ray after winning the Impact Wrestling World Title coming out in a series of videos on Impact explaining how things happened and how everything fitted together. It was so clever and they got me with it too!! That was a nice feeling rarely I'm  taken off guard or caught by surprise in Wrestling anymore so it was nice to have that feeling again. Seeing everything laid out from beginning to end and how it all fitted together it was very clever.

See the 5 part videos below

All Videos Below will take you to watch the video on Impact Wrestling Youtube channel

Bully Bully Part 1 of Aces and 8's Rise

Bully Ray Part 2 of Aces and 8s Rise

Bully Ray Part 3 Aces and 8s Rise

Bully Ray Part 4 Aces and 8s Rise

Bully Ray Part 5 Aces and 8s Rise

I see all these Wrestling fans and all too often they are very negative and its all too easy for fans to moan and groan on the Internet and blast everyone - but the Impact Creative Team deserve a huge amount of credit for what they have achieved so far

So a massive well done to all the Impact Creative staff. They proved what can be done  the Creative Team is Creating an Impact and I don't think they are finished yet either

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