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WWE: The Sheild to add new Members?

WWE: The Shield to add new Members?

WWE recently posted on article on their website talking about  the possibility of the Shield changing from a 3 man group to a four man group you can read the whole article by clicking this link
Part of the WWE article states
"Paul Heyman, for one, definitely has a connection with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns that makes both him and his Superstars suspect — particularly considering his “alleged” payment to the treacherous trio in exchange for their attacks on behalf of CM Punk Also on the Heyman front, remember that when 3MB called out The Shield on the April 15 edition of Raw, it was the crafty manager’s own Superstar, Brock Lesnar, who emerged to unleash chaos in their place. What if those actions weren’t as random as it seemed? Could The Anomaly have been answering the call of The Shield?"

CM Punk

The Article also talks about other possibilities joining such as  Big Show, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. However I don't feel that any of those three superstars would be a good for joining the group. WWE article also mentions CM Punk if anyone is likely to join CM punk makes the most sense and after some time off it would be a great way to bring CM Punk back into action,

However I actually I don't think that anyone should join at all.
Why would the shield need a forth member they have been dominant and as of this writing undefeated since they debuted putting Ryback through a table See video below of the shield first interview with Michael Cole

 The Shield since they debuted have attacked Ryback, John Cena, The Miz, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, The Rock, The Undertaker and many more. They have been built as a very strong group who have been able to get the better of most of the WWE roster.

A Group Consisting of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins these three former NXT talents have come from the WWE developmental system and become big stars. This group has started from nothing and become a main staple of WWE. Fans are intrigued by the group and they have attracted a following. Its been unique because most groups that form in wrestling and go against the top guys don't always win or they get their comeuppance very quickly (Nexus) and then break up and go their separate ways, WWE has invested time into these guys and I don't think that the surfaced has been scratched enough as to what these men could achieve.

The Thought of adding people also makes me think of the NWO. Of Course there are NWO comparisons to these guys also i believe that they are completely separate groups from separate era's however NWO added too many people too quickly and the watered down effect in hindsight NWO would of been better off as a three man group for longer.  I hope the WWE despite their article leave The Shield alone and keep doing what they are doing with them let them develop at their own pace and continue to make them even bigger stars. The Shield don't need someone established to come in and steal the spotlight - they are in the spotlight and the spotlight is where they should be, Believe in Rollins, Regins and Ambrose, Believe in The Shield.

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