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Worldwide Wrestling Profile Chico El Luchador

Worldwide Wrestling Profile
Chico El Luchador

I usually write UK Wrestling blogs and fact files on UK Wrestlers however recently I was contacted by Chico El Luchador.

Chico was irate and demanded that I do a Worldwide wrestling profile on the worlds greatest Wrestler Chico El Luchador.

Otherwise he is going to "Make me feel the wrath of Chico and demanded that "If Chico came to England to kick your ass Chico wants 115,000 Pesos and unlimited English Breakfast and Fish and Chips plus your sofa to sleep on"

Chico then tried to sell me a promo picture and hung up the phone"

Soooooooo With that in mind here is my new blog on Chico El Luchador! 

Scroll down below to see Social Media, Title History, Chico Facts and more!

Social Media 

Twitter -  @chicoelluchador

Chico El Luchador Documentary 
Scuffing With Shade - The Chico El Luchador Story
Part 1

Chico El Luchador Facts 

  • Chico has never lost a match 
  • Chico invented the super kick 
  • Chico Arch Rival is Jaunito El Malo 
  • Chico Doesn't Job
  • Chico Invented the rainmaker finishing Move in 2006 in Mexico
  • Chico had a 30 minute time limit draw with John Morrison where they didn't touch once
  • Chico's Dong Bodyslammed Andre The Giant
  • Da Rocka, Bret The Pinkman and Cold Stone Steve Austin and Hulk Hogans stole Everything from Chico
  • Chico Declined to join the NWO and DX
  • Chico had an offer to star in The Marine 14
  • Chico Punched his biggest Fan Dino who is now suing him or $10 Million Dollars (or a date)
  • Had to dig up a coffin to get his mask
  • Sat in the ring for 17 days waiting for respect following losing his mask
  • Chico Beat all Hart Family members in an 8-1 Match

Chico El Luchador Title History 

Mexican Crusierweight Super Fly Title (x19 Title reigns) 
Chico Luchador Championship (Never Lost)
 ECW Super Jr Champion (Never Defended)
WWE  World Title Winged Eagle Title (Brought from now defunct Toys R Us)
Current WCW World Champion (although it closed in 2001)

You can check out all things Chico El Luchador at 

Anything more you need to know about Chico El Luchador Follow the worlds greatest wrestling expert, The master of No Punctuation and Incorrect "sources" Mave Deltzer @RealMaveDeltzer on Twitter

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Monday, 12 March 2018

CSF Wrestling Showdown Preview Frome Sun 25th March 2018

CSF Wrestling Showdown Preview
Sun 25th March 2018

CSF returns to Frome on Sunday 25th March for Showdown at The Cheese and Grain.

Tickets are available to purchase now at

CSF Frome Sold Out

CSF Sold Out 2

Live in action, 5 Star Real Wrestling Champion Eddie Ryan, Charlie Sterling, Zan Phoenix, Bobbi Tyler, Bane and Bronson,Tiger Ali.

Eddie Ryan 

Charlie Sterling

Zan Phoenix

Bobbi Tyler

Bane and Bronson

Tiger Ali 

New Debuts

Making their CSF debuts at ‘Showdown’ are popular tag team The Brothers Awe, high flying masked sensation Mega Pegasus and the mad man known as Psycho Phillips.

The Brothers Awe

Mega Pegasus

Psycho Phillips

Cheese and Grain, Market Yard, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

Bar and Refreshments available all evening
Free Car Parking

Tickets are available now at 

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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Jon422002 Wrestling Q&A Blog - March 2018

Jon422002 Wrestling Q&A Blog - March 2018
Question 1, Who would you most like to interview?
There are 2 people I'd love to interview Vince McMahon without question a true leader & innovator in Wrestling & Kenny Omega who is the best wrestler in the world & True inspiration.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and beard

Question 2, Favourite ever show?

NJPW Wrestlekingdom 11 I flew all the way to Toyko, Japan to see
Kenny Omega live in the main event, in a match that broke the scale of what excellent pro wrestling is. Its truly the best ever event I've ever seen, life changing. Plus Young Bucks, Adam Cole, Naito, Tanahashi, Himoru Takahashi matches were all amazing.

Image may contain: 1 person, stadium

Question 3, Favourite UK event?

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Alberto El Patron vs Matt Riddle from BLW Grandslam
I cant pick one, My favourite UK events were

Big League Grandslam in Nov 2017 in Yeovil, a breakout show for the company and it showed what can be done with investment in story, characters and feuds

Any progress show I have been too, excellent matches, great atmosphere and amazing fans and friends.

ICW in Cardiff Nov 2017 Big Grizzly on the card and Triple H Appeared - all amazing memories.

Question 4, Favourite Tag Team Ever?

Either New Age Outlaws or Demolition cant pick one such a huge fan of both and both were unique and incredibly successful and caught the attention of fans, wish they could still both wrestle today, they both made tag team wrestling must see in my opinion.

Question 5, What is your ideal dream match that has never happened?

Either Kenny Omega vs CM Punk or a match that couldn't happen now Mr Perfect vs Dolph Ziggler

Question 6, What UK Companies should fans go and see? 

For me I like a variety and I like to see different companies and what they can do and what they offer but if you want some main ones Go and See Progress, ICW, Big League Wrestling, CSF Wrestling, go and support your local promotion and support wrestlers on that show too. 

Question 7, What Wrestling on Demand services do you have? 

I have WWE network, NJPW World and Demand Progress and also Fite TV for BLW Wrestling

Question 8, Have you ever been to Wrestlemaina? 

Image may contain: 2 people
Dameon Nelson (left) Me (Middle) David Herro (left)
Yes I went to Wrestlemaina 29 in New York and watched Wrestlemaina with the crew from Pro Wrestling Report Dameon, David and Linda. 

Question 9, Best WWE Match you have seen live? 

That was CM Punk vs Undertaker from Wrestlemaina 29 a classic

Question 10, Who do you think are next UK Breakout stars? 

They have already broken out and well on the way but guys I have been watching for years Big Grizzly, Josh Bodom, Eddie Ryan, Adam Maxted, Chris Andrews, Dick Riley to name just a few. 

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Friday, 2 March 2018

UK Wrestling Factfile Big Grizzly

UK Wrestling Star Factfile Big Grizzly 

Big Grizzly is a welsh professional wrestler trained by Mike Bird, Mark Andrews,Wild Boar and Debuted in 2012.

Big Grizzly is a Brawler, Powerhouse and despite his size has tremendous agility and technical skill.

Big Grizzly Social Media

You can follow Big Grizzly on Social Media by Clicking the links below

Twitter -
Facebook -

Big Grizzly Opponents and Matches 

Big Grizzly has wrestled in Insane Championship Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, Dragon Pro Wrestling, CSF Wrestling, Big League Wrestling, Welsh Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Pro EVW, PWP, Southside wrestling, IPW Pro Wrestling, POW Wrestling and many more!

Bog Grizzly since his debut has faced many top current wrestling stars and Legends these include Mr Anderson, Rhyno, Johnny Gargano, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak, Ethan Page, Mark Andrews, Billy Gunn, Jack Swagger, Pete Dunne, Bram, Danny Jones, Bad Bones and more 

Here are some highlighted matches listed below

Big Grizzly Matches


10-11-2012 PROEVW - Delta Rush Jr., Ian Williams, Mark Andrews & Nathan Daniels defeat Chris Gwilliam, Dick Dangerous, Norman Smith & Steve Griffiths


09-02-2013 CSF Wrestling - Jeckel Defeats Big Grizzly

29-06-2013 CSF Wrestling - Alex Steele Defeats Big Grizzly

18-08-2013 Triple X Wrestling - Big Grizzly Defeats Damian Dunne


27-04-2014 Welsh Wrestling - Big Grizzly defeats Magico 05-10-2014 Dragon Pro - Big Grizzly Defeats Randy Sinclair

29-10-2014 Welsh Wrestling - Mason Ryan Defeats Big Grizzly


15-02-2015 PWP - Big Grizzly Defeats Bad Bones

28-02-2015 The DoomsDay Killers (Big Grizzly & KillBane) defeat Alex Steele & Dave Mercy

15-03-2015 Dragon Pro World Title All Wales Title Three Way: Big Grizzly defeats Rampage Brown and Wild Boar (c)

03-05-2015 PWP - PWP Heavyweight Title Steve Griffiths defeats Chris Andrews

06-06-2015 Pro Evw - Big Grizzly defeats Robbie Caine

21-06-2017 PWP - Steve Griffiths (c) defeats Bram and Chris Andrews

19-07-2015 PWP - PWP Heavyweight Title Best Two Out Of Three Falls Mr. Anderson defeats Big Grizzly (c)

26-07-2015 Dragon Pro - All Wales Title Big Grizzly (c) defeats Mike Bird

30-08-2015 PWP - PWP Heavyweight Title Steve Griffiths defeats Mr. Anderson

01-11-2015 - PWP - PWP Heavyweight Title Steve Griffiths (c) defeats Rhyno

29-11-2015 Dragon Pro - All Wales Title Big Grizzly (c) defeats Scotty Essex


24-01-2016 PWP - Big Grizzly Defeats Donovan Dijak

31-01-2016 Dragon Pro - All Wales Title Big Grizzly (c) defeats Eddie Dennis

07-02-2016 PWP - Big Grizzly Defeats Billy Gunn

22-05-2016 PWP - Big Grizzly Defeats Johnny Gargano

27-08-2016 Pro Wrestling Chaos - Big Grizzly defeats Dave Mastiff

19-11-2016 POW - Big Grizzly defeats Joe E. Legend

20-11-2016 Big League Wrestling Chris Andrews defeats Big Grizzly


26-02-2017 Big League Wrestling - BLW Tag Team Title Match Team GB (Big Grizzly & Dave Mastiff) defeat Liquid Dreams (Bruce & Jake McCluskey)

11-03-2017 Insane Championship Wrestling - Chris Renfrew defeats Big Grizzly

19-03-2017 IPW - Big Grizzly defeats David Starr

25-03-2017 Pro Wrestling Chaos - Pete Dunne defeats Big Grizzly

17-04-2017 IPW - Big Grizzly Defeats Jack Evans

21-05-2017 IPW - Big Grizzly defeats Angelico

04-06-2017 CSF Wrestling - Jack Swagger defeats Big Grizzly

08-07-2017 Pro Wrestling Chaos - Big Grizzly defeats Dick Riley and Jimmy Havoc and Joe Coffey and Matt Horgan and Mike Bird and Mikey Whiplash

23-07-2017 IPW - Big Grizzly defeats Keith Lee

17-09-2017 IPW Matt Riddle defeats Big Grizzly

22-10-2017 Insane Championship Wrestling DCT defeats Big Grizzly

05-11-2017 Insane Championship Wrestling - Stevie Boy defeats Big Grizzly

03-12-2017 Dragon Pro - Dean Winter defeats Big Grizzly


13-01-2018 Pro Wrestling Chaos - Eddie Dennis defeats Big Grizzly by DQ

01-02-2018 5 Star Wrestling - El Ligero & Jody Fleisch defeat Big Grizzly & Dave Mastiff

03-03-2018 SWE - Big Grizzly defeats James Storm

12-02-2018 ICW - Big Grizzly defeats Wolfgang

17-02-2018 - Pro Wrestling Chaos NWA Title Nick Aldis (c) defeats Big Grizzly

25-02-2018 Big League Wrestling Tag Titles - Shark Island (Adam Maxted & Chris Andrews) defeat Team GB (Big Grizzly & Dave Mastiff)

Big Grizzly Videos

Big Grizzly Theme

Cancer Bats - Lucifer's Rocking Chair

Big Grizzly vs Steve Morgan - Pro Wrestling Chaos

Big Grizzly vs Johnny Gargano 

Big Grizzly Vs Rhyno 

Big Grizzly vs Jake Mccluskey 

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