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Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends Review 19th July 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends Review – 19th July 2015


my signed poster from the show
This was my 1st show back at Pro wrestling Pride in just over a month – and what a show to come back too. Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends with Hawksaw Jim Duggan, Mr Anderson, Rockstar Spud, Roderick Strong and Chris Masters.
These Mega shows do not come around very often and this is the 1st show with all these stars on I have seen in the South West in my lifetime of 29 years. So very pleased that all these superstars are in one place and here for all the fans to see.
The Atompshere in Paignton was incredible it was amazing to see so many fans and so many people come bell time there must have been well over 850 people for this show maybe even more as that is a rough estimate. I think there was well more than that in attendance! 

Duncan J Bugg
 This was the 1st time at Torbay Leisure centre as the venue was great there was floor seating, Bleacher seating and Balcony seating too it made for as I said before an amazing atmosphere and gave that extra dimmest on to the event too. 

There were many chants of hooooooooo from the crowd even before the show had begun! lots of people with 2x4 pieces of Wood and so many people buzzing for this event. 
Duncan J Bugg comes out with Referee Martin Longley and senior official Ed Dyer and it's time for Pro Wrestling Pride Hereos and Legends!

Everything here is written from memory and as always is my own opinion I have to say that everything on this show tonight was done brilliantly the pacing of the show, the matches and the wrestlers everything was so well done - with that said lets get into the show!! :)
6 Man Tag
Titan,Panda Cub and Panda Mask
Robbie Caine Kay Jutler and Mean Tommy Dean

Robbie Caine in the ring, Jutler (red trunks) and Tommy Dean on the apron
Robbie Caine, Jutler and Tommy  Dean make there way out to the ring and they waste no time getting right in the fans face and riling them up! Robbie gets onto the Apron and Demands Duncan Bugg Opens the ropes for him, when Robbie gets into the ring he admonishes Bugg for not showing him enough respect and grabs him by the tie!! Mean Tommy Dean is looking in great shape after seeing last seeing him a few months ago and Kay Jutler is an incredible and gifted athlete not only that he is great at annoying the fans.
Robbie Caine taking exception to Duncan Bugg
Titan Panda cub and Tiger Mask Are out next and they immediately hit the ring to fend off Caine,Jutler and Dean. 
Titan and Mean Tommy Dean start off in the ring with Titan getting the better of Dean. Dean tries with no success to shoulder barge Titan down but it's just not happening at all! Dean tries coming off the ropes and again Titan is going nowhere!! Titan then takes Dean down in the corner and Dean manages to get to the corner and tags in Jutler.
Jutler doing lunges
Before Jutler starts his match he does some in ring lunges to limber himself up which made me laugh. Jutler gets annoyed as now Panda mask as mocking him by doing some lunges back to him! Jutler and Panda Mask tie up and Jutler takes the advantage with an arm lock and tags in Robbie Caine and Panda Cub gets tagged in and he takes down Caine with some arm drags, Titan then gets back into the match and hits Caine with a few blows, and Panda cub gets tagged in but Caine and his team take advantage while referee back is turned and beats Panda cub in the corner, Caine then hits a super impressive STO to Cub.
Kay Jutler is now in the ring and hits a very impressive long standing suplex onto Panda Mask.

Jutler with a delayed suplex
Mean Tommy comes back into the ring off the tag and gets a few more shots in himself. Robbie Caine comes back in as their beating continues until Panda Mask was able to get to the corner and tag Titan who gets back in and takes out Caine and Clotheslines Dean over the top rope Jutler then gets tagged in as legal man, Panda cub gets tagged back in also and Panda Cub comes of the top rope and is caught by Jutler and Jutler spins Cub around and slams him down and he gets the pinfall 1,2,3.
Winners Caine, Jutler, Mean Tommy Dean

 Pro Wrestling Pride Catch Division Championship

Ultimo Tiger vs Rockstar Spud vs Keizer

Rockstar Spud
Keizer is out first and he is not a happy man at all, he gets into the ring and gets on the mic and is shouting at the crowd and out next is Rockstar Spud, Spud gets into the ring to a great ovation from the crowd. Crowd is shouting "we want spud". Next out is our Catch Division champion Ultimo Tiger he gets to the ring and each wrestler has a cheer off with the crowd and get up on the turnbuckle, Keizier is not getting the reception he feels he should do from the crowd and when Tiger gets up on the turnbuckle again Keizer picks up a cane he brought with him to ringside and he hits tiger with it, Tiger falls off the turnbuckle right in front of me and hits his knee on the apron when coming down and he is on the floor. Senior Referee Ed Dyer goes an checks on Ultimo Tiger as does Rockstar Spud and Ring Announcer Duncan Bugg.
Ultimo Tiger injred

Tiger is carried from the ringside area and match begins with Keizer and Rockstar Spud . Kezier is running away from Rockstar Spud and is running around the ring he jumps into the ring and Spud goes in too but Keizer starts stomping him.
Keizer and Rockstar spud start going at it in the ring and Ultimo Tiger is in the Entrance way and is trying to get back into the ring while the action continues and Rockstar spud Chops Keizer hard and the fans are loving it.
Ultimo Tiger is getting back towards the ring and manages to get back in but Keizer goes straight for his leg but Tiger manages to hit Tiger with a suplex, Rockstar Spud now runs at Keixzer in the corner and then signal s that he is going to finish Keizer off. Spud goes for Sliced Bread in the corner but is unsuccessful as Keizer cuts him off as this is going on Tiger manages t get to the top rope and jumps off and hits Keizer with a flying body press and manages to get the pinfall and retain his title.

Ultimo Tiger wins the match
Winner - Still Catch Division Champion Ultimo Tiger
Chris Masters Masterlock Challenge
Chris Masters
Chris Masters comes out and gets into the ring and says he is here for the masterlock challenge and that tonight he was meant to be taking on Matthew Gudgeon However Matthew sustained an injury and will not be able to compete tonight - Masters calls Matthew a let down to the UK and says that all of us should remember that USA is a super power and He is more dominant than anyone else.
Chris Masters calls out anyone in the back to come out and face him and Panda cub comes out. Panda says that he wants to redeem himself after losing tonight and wants to take on Masters. Masters looks shocked as he sets up a chair in the ring and Panda Cub sits down to take on the Masterlock challenge.

The Masterlock applied

Chris Masers takes his time and locks in the masterlock and picks Panda up from the chair and is throwing him around and he taps out and Referees try to pull him off but Masters knocks them both over, Duncan Bugg tries to gets masters off to no avail either, then music hits and out comes Chris "shark" Andrews. Andrews hits the ring and Masters bails out of there very quickly and stays on the outside. Andrews gets on the mic and says he wants to take on the masterlock challenge, Chris Masters refuses and Andrews gives him another option and says why don't you fight me? Masters says no and says I have done my job pay me my money I'm going home, he goes to walk out and Duncan Bugg goes after him and says that he is breaking his contract and will fine him his whole fee if he walks out £2000 and Masters says he doesn't care, Bugg then says make it £10,000 and Masters Reconsiders and then gets into the ring and match is on!!
Chris Masters vs Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews
The match begins Andrews takes down Masters and has him in an armbar, Andrews and Masters then head to the outside and Masters goes to pick up Masters in a body slam but Masters reverses it and runs Andrews into the ring post.
Masters with Andrews
Andrews and Masters get back into the ring and Masters is now in control of the match Masters comes off the 2nd rope and takes down Andrews. Masters is standing over Andrews and Andrews is on his knees and is trying to punch Masters in the stomach but Masters stays in control. Andrews then gets back to his feet and manages to reverse Masters and gets Masters into position and lifts him up for a delayed vertical suplex and Andrews covers Masters and gets a two count.
Chris Andrews suplex to Masters
Andrews then goes for a TKO  attempt but Masters gets out of it, Masters then hits a big powerbomb and gets a two count, which Masters believes was 3 and he is arguing with the referee so much that then masters says "that was 3" the crowd chanting "two" was a great interactive moment of the night!
Masters then decides its time for the Masterlock, Masters gets the masterlock locked in and Andrews is fading and goes down to one knee and Andrews looks like he has no where to go but manages to get to the ropes and Masters is forced to let go of his submission hold.
Masters grabs Andrews in a waist lock and Andrews elbows Masters in the face then Andrews manages to pick up Masters and hits the TKO for the win and 1-2-3
After the match Masters shakes Andrews hand after a great match.


Winner - Chris Andrews
Intermission I got my photograph taken with Chris Andrews (far left) Rockstar Spud (centre) and Ultimo Tiger (far right)

8 Man Tag Team Match

Darren Saviour, Hawksaw Jim Duggan, Danny Walsh and John Harding


C2 Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke, Roderick Strong, Mark Walsh


This match was incredible the crowd was so loud for this match and went totally nuts! I was so carried away with it myself and love matches like this as I got lost in the moment and most importantly they make me smile.
I sat there taking it all in and was smiling for the whole match  being a long time wrestling fan and sitting on the front row watching Hacksaw Jim Duggan literally feet in front of me was something I thought I would never have an opportunity to say in a sentence. I will be honest I was so into this that I wont remember every detail of the match but here goes!!

There were chants of hoooooooo every few seconds from the crowd and even a "usa usa usa" chant for Duggan too, honestly the feeling in that building was tremendous the vocal energy of the crowd and feeling in that building may be something that I don't get to experience again that close up but will be something that i'll remember for a very long time.

on to the match C2 come out first wearing new t shirts and a new banner  Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke, Mark Walsh and ROH Roderick Strong make their way to the ring with the lovely and gorgeous Tara.

Tara with C2
C2 in the ring
Out next to a massive ovation from the fans Darren Saviour, John Harding, Danny Walsh who all point to the entrance way and out comes Hacksaw Jim Duggan! with 2x4 in hand Hacksaw makes his way to the ring and all C2 dive out as Hacksaw, Saviour, Walsh and Harding all look at them from the ring. The crowd is going nits already and before the match is chanting "This is Awesome" C2 attempt to come up to the apron but jump back down again as Hacksaw comes back to them with his 2x4. This happens twice more as C2 don't seem to like the look of what is transpiring. Crowd are getting louder and louder and Hacksaw, Saviour, Harding and Walsh all have a group team talk in there corner then finally Roderick Strong gets up on to the apron and into the ring.

Team talk hacksaw, saviour, harding ans walsh
Roderick goes to take on Hacksaw but gets knocked down and the crowd give another hoooooo chant for hacksaw!! Darren Saviour gets tagged in and starts working on the arm of Roderick String and then makes a quick tag to Danny Walsh who does the same thing Hacksaw then gets back into the ring and continue to work on strong as things aren't looking good for C2. Tara is looking on from Ringside. Strong manages to get out for the ring and tags Cain as John Harding now enters the match for his team, John gets caught in the corner as Tyler Hawke now gets himself involved and takes on Harding.
As the match continues Danny Walsh is battling Strong again and hits a great side suplex onto strong and then hits a massive elbow drop from the top rope which is broken up by Mark Walsh
All the men then end up in the ring and brawling with each other and its a melee in the ring although John Harding was not the legal man he gets rolled up and referee counts the pinfall, the referee counted the pinfall on the illegal man and Hacksaw, Saviour, Walsh and Harding loses the match and C2 get away out of the ring.
Winners - C2
After the match Darren,Hawksaw, Danny and John Pose for crowd and the crowd applaud and Cheer in appreciation for their efforts and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Walsh, harding, hacksaw and saviour

Dazzling Danny Jones vs Ian Williams

Danny Jones comes out and gets lots of Justin Biebler chants from the crowd. Williams is out next and the bell rings and Williams slaps Jones in the face and Jones is livid he cant believe that Williams would do that to him. Jones gets into the ring and is very aggressive and wants to take out Williams. Danny goes to the corner and does a yes chant and hits Williams with a running knee and gets the pinfall
Winner - Danny Jones

Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Championship
2 out of 3 Falls Match

Big Grizzly vs Mr Anderson

Anderson and Big Grixxly (right)
Big Grizzly comes out 1st and he is without C2 Group by his side. Out Next is Mr Anderson but while Anderson is making his entrance Big Grizzly walks round the other side of the ring and attacks Anderson while Anderson is down he picks up a chair at ringside and he hits Anderson in the back with the chair and rolls Anderson into the ring and Grizzly demands that the referee ring the bell and Grizzly intimidates the referee and Ref has to ring the bell, with Anderson down Grizzly makes the cover and gets the pinfall.
Winner 1st fall - Big Grizzly
There is a 10 second break until the next fall can begin Grizzly takes his jacket off and he waits for 10 count to finish the bell rings and Grzzly puts his foot on Anderson and gets a 2 count. Grizzly gets angry again and covers Anderson properly this time but still gets a 2 count. Grizzly brings Anderson to his feet and goes for a move but Anderson Counters and gets Grizzly in a small package and Anderson wins the 2nd fall
Winner 2nd  Fall - Mr Anderson
Grizzly has Anderson in a bearhug
so it all comes down to this the 3rd and final fall of the evening to determine who will be the pro wrestling pride champion. 10 second break is over and bell rings for the final fall Anderson is on his feet but gets caught in the corner and Grizzly is giving Anderson Shoulder Barges to the mid section, Anderson is looking in a bad way as Big Grizzly continues his assault on Anderson and hits more shot sin the corner before hitting Anderson with a massive side suplex. Grizzly then hits a headbut and puts Anderson in one of his signature moves the Bearhug, Its really not looking good for Anderson at this point, after the attack before the bell rang you are wondering how much Anderson has left.
Mic check time
Anderson manages to rally back and get himself out of the bearhug and is now taking the advantage and he manages to get Grizzly up on his shoulders and gives him the Green Bay Plunge which got a massive cheer from the crowd and Anderson does his signature pose and he is ready to hit the mic check! Anderosn grabs Grizzly but Grizzly manages to get out of it and hits a chokeslam on Anderson for a two count.
As the match continues referee Ed Dyer gets squashed in the corner after a irish whip attempt by Grizzly and Anderson. while referee is down Anderson is able to hit the mic check and the crowd are counting the pinfall but referee is not getting up.
While this is going on C2 Agenda teammates of Grizzly Tyler hawke and mark Walsh come out to ringside., Walsh grabs the title and passes it to grizzly. Grizzly hits Anderson with it but gets a two count, Hawke then gets on the apron and holds Anderson arms and Grizzly goes to hit Anderson but misses and hits Hawke!!
Hawke holding Anderson for Grizzly
Anderson hits the mic check on Grizzly and 1.......2.........3!!!!! we have a new Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson.......Anderson!!!!! I have got to say I was shocked I did not see it coming at all and was fantastic end to the match!
Anderson wins

This was an incredible show and really was the best wrestling show in England that I have been told, it was fun, exciting and combining that with an electric arena and super loud fans it truly was an incredible thing to see.

Coming up next is Pro Wrestling Pride in Tavistock with Chris Herro (formally of WWE NXT) and Former TNA World Champ Chris Sabin!  get your tickets now


 Thanks for Reading
Jonathan Orchard

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