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Jon422002 2016 Wrestling Awards

Jon422002 2016 Wrestling Awards

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UK Wrestler of The Year 2016

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Will Ospreay

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Will had a groundbreaking year, Will Ospreay won Best Super Juniors Tournament hosted by New Japan Pro Wrestling an incredible feat.

Will brought attention back to UK wrestling and played a big part of bringing the spotlight back to UK wrestling in 2016.

Will has worked with ROH,NJPW and many more promotions throughout the UK. Will has become a hot property in Pro Wrestling and its great to a UK wrestler doing so well in some of the biggest companies in the world. Will high flying aerobic style is tremendous to watch and its mesmerising.

I Hope he continues to have an even bigger and better 2017.

WWE Tag Team of The Year

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The New Day

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As a fan of Bullet Club, The Elite and Kenny Omega it pains me to wrote this but its true. New Day have been the longest running WWE champions in History. New Day have done a tremendous job in WWE over the last year had great tag team matches with the likes of Gallows and Anderson, Cesaro and Sheamus and more.

New Day have been able to do in 2016 what many other teams have failed to do and keep hold of those tag team titles. Kofi, Big E and Xavier make a brilliant 3 man group and always see entertaining television whenever they are on screen.

WWE Show of the Year (since brand split)

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Smackdown for me has been the better show since the brand split. 2 hours is alot easier to digest and they always seem to have something to capture your attention whether it be Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, Miz and Doplh Ziggler who had a great feud this year or Ambrose and Styles everything just feels alot more important and meaningful on Smackdown. 

For me Smackdown has been more competitive and kept my attention for longer plus the addition of Talking Smack after the show has really helped also give depth to the characters and to further story lines too. 

WWE Womens Wrestler of The Year 

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Charlotte has had a great 2016 had multiple Women's title reigns, amazing feuds especially with Sasha Banks and culminating in the first ever Women's Hell in the Cell Match.

Charlotte has been a the forefront of changing perception of Women's Wrestling and changes what it means to be a women wrestler in pro wrestling. Charlotte is defining what a female wrestler should be athletic, beautiful, kick ass female.

Best WWE Wrestler 2016 

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AJ Styles

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AJ Styles has been the standout wrestler of 2016. AJ debuted at WWE Royal Rumble and he has not looked back since. Aj has had an amazing run in WWE in his first year. Great matches with Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns led to AJ moving to Smackdown and winning WWE World Championship. Not only that AJ showing how comfortable is in his role as champion not only worked with James Ellsworth but Ellsworth has beaten AJ x3 times and it doesn't hurt AJ at all. AJ Character is so strong and his ability to have an amazing match with anyone that he can do things that others haven't done or will do.

A great year, A great Wrestler a great champion

Best Wrestler of 2016 

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Broken Matt Hardy

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Broken Matt Hardy really came out nowhere in 2016. Iconic Matt hardy had a match against Jeff Hardy and Jeff put Matt through a table hitting him with a huge swanton bomb from top of the studio in Orlando Florida putting Matt Through the table that he was laying on,Matt hasn't been the same since.

Matt Hardy turned into Broken Matt Hardy a man who has taken pro wrestling by storm, he has changed what can be done in wrestling and what can be achieved. Final Deletion, Delete or Decay  have been tremendous, in addition the words "Delete and Obsolete" have become part off Wrestling fans vocabulary, Matt Hardy has re-evolved himself and fully deserves Best Wrestler of 2016.

TNA have had a turbulent 2016 and without Broken Matt Hardy it could of been so much worse. What he has done for TNA in 2016 should not be forgotten either kept them on the map and kept drawing viewers in.

Best Wrestling Match 2016

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Kenny Omega Vs Naito - NJPW G1 Climax 2016 

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One of the best matches i have ever seen I manged to see this live on NJPW world (new Japan pro wrestling streaming service) this had it all.

I wrote a blog on this just after the match finished here is what i wrote

Kenny had to win his final match vs Naito in order to finish 1st and move on to the final and face the winner of block A. Kenny and Naito in my opinion had a match which I believe was match of the year. Omega and Naito showed that they are the top dogs in New Japan. They told a great story throughout their match it had all the elements that in my opinion make pro wrestling matches so great action, suspense, drama and more importantly made me suspend my disbelief.

Here is the match in Summary (Please do see it on NJPW World you wont regret it)

Naito went after Omega left leg and really focuses his attack there all match culminating in a modified figure 4 which looked like it would end the match however Omega got to the ropes. Omega came back with some insane offence if his own. 

A power bomb over a guard rail and through a table then a dive from the top rope over the barrier and plunging down on Naito then when Naito gets back towards the ring Omega hits him with a dragon suplex on the ring apron!!! Naito tried to put Omega away but Omega fought valiantly with one leg and managed to hit the one winged Angel (after trying for it throughout the match) and got the pinfall victory!

Wrestling Tag Team of The Year

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The Young Bucks

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The Young Bucks Nick and Matt Jackson have had an awesome 2016. New Day have WWE Tag Team award but Wrestling tag team award covering everyone outside of WWE had to go to The Young Bucks.

As I have mentioned in this blog I watch a Young Bucks match I always see something new innovative and crazy but also I feel like I have seen something that is worth investing my time in. They never disappoint, along with Kenny Omega my expectations are always high but they are either always met or exceeded by them.

Young bucks are currently IGWP Junior Tag Champs and ROH Tag Team Champs too it shows how much those companies have faith in Young Bucks.

Young Bucks have just resigned with NJPW and ROH for 2017 and beyond!

More superkick parties coming in 2017!

Best Company 2016 

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New Japan Pro Wrestling 

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New Japan Pro Wrestling have had a tremendous year after losing so much talent to WWE in 2016 they have gone from strength to strength. If you think that NJPW lost Aj Styles, Nakamura, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson all in one go.

They had to be hurting after all those departures but managed to put out an entertaining and brilliant wrestling product too. G1 Climax tournament this year was great and culminated in Kenny Omega Winning the G1 (the first foreign wrestler ever to do so) 

Wrestlers Like Okada and Tanahashi have been having consistent matches all throughout the year plus New Groups like LIJ have added a different element to NJPW. The Young Bucks Nick and Matt Jackson never have a bad match and you always see something new an innovative from them in tag team wrestling. 

The NJPW streaming service has gone from strength to Strength with lots of Live events and now lots English content also with subtitled documentaries also, gives alot of scope to the future. 

Holy S&^% moment of the year

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Golberg defeats Bock Lesnar in less time than his entrance
Survivor Series 2016

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To me  one of the most shocking moments of the year.

Goldberg returns to the ring after 12 years and everyone is anticipating a great match between Goldberg and Lesnar, however it didn't last that long.

Brock pushed Goldberg to the corner, Goldberg pushes Lesnar to the canvas, Goldberg hits a spear, then hits another spear, hits a jackhammer and its over!

Brock Lesnar the man who defeated Undertaker Undefeated streak is destroyed in 2 Minutes what a shock!

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