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Pro EVW Saturday 12th November 2016 Trowbridge

Pro EVW Saturday 12th November 2016 Trowbridge

Before the show (Picture by Jonathan Orchard)

Pro EVW Returned to Trowbridge with great talent from all across the UK.  Nathan Cruz, El Ligerio and Rampage Brown Big Grizzly, Robbie Caine, were all on the card for this show along with The System, Fever and more.

The show itself ran very smoothly and everything ran to time, the venue was configured well for the event and there was a great amount of fans in attendance.

Please see the results below with a few notes on each match.

Robbie Caine def Den Winter 

Dean Winter (left) Robbie Caine (right)

It was great to see Robbie Caine in the opening match haven't seen Robbie in just over a year and this was the first time that I have seen him wrestle as good guy and he really got the audience into his match and got the crowd behind him.

I have not seen Dean Winter before he had great presence and a strong big man to go up against Robbie Caine.

Winter dominated throughout the match with power moves. He put the boots to Caine in the corner.

Winter choking Caine in the corner

 Winter missed a splash from the 2nd rope and that was the opening that Robbie Caine needed. Robbie was able to bodyslam the huge Winter.

Winter misses the big Splash

Caine was able to defeat Winter via Pinfall for the victory.

Travis Banks and Lee Hunter def The New Nation

The New Nation

The next match was New Nation vs Hunter/Banks, an enjoyable tag team match, really enjoyed seeing New Nation lots of great teamwork from them.

Travis Banks and Lee Hunter had great chemistry together and even before the match started got out of the ring and joined in with a fan chanting "Ginger Ninja" in reference to one of the members of the New Nation and his ginger hair!

Crowd really got on New Nation back, New nation looked like they had the match won and Banks was able to counter into a victory roll to pick up pinfall victory.

Big Grizzly def Nathan Cruz 

Nathan Cruz makes his entrance

Cruz and Grizzly in Action

This was one match I was really looking forward too. I have seen Big Grizzly many times over the past few years and his body of work in previous promotions that I have seen him in has been top notch, to see him here in a match up against one of Uk finest Nathan Cruz was a great thing to see.

This is the first time I have seen Nathan Cruz live although have seen him online before. Cruz and Grizzly had a great match, fighting and brawling on the outside too. This was one of those matches to me that I got absorbed into.

Grizzly with Cruz

Grizzly hit a tremendous fall away slam when the competitors got back in the ring and it seemed to change the course of the match.

Cruz and Grizzly fight on the outside

Big Grizzly managed to win the match when he hit a huge chokeslam on Cruz to pick up the victory.

The Fever def The System via DQ 

Fever (Left) The system (Right)

This match was for the Pro EVW Tag Team Championship. Pro EVW have two cracking Teams here. the System are mainstays of the promotion and are a brilliant team. Uk Dominator along with the presence and menace of tower along with the arrogant Josh Knott this is a team you truly wish to hate.

This is the 2nd time I have seen The Fever. I'm a fan of this team. I like the entrance and music they take selfies with the fans before the match starts and seemed to create a great buzz with the crowd.

Uk Dominator gets on the Mic and is berating The Fever following there previous match in Trowbridge. Then our tag team match is on.

The System throughout the match are trying to use every trick in the book to help them. Tower on the outside is choking members of Fever on the ropes and doing what he can to help them. That eventually leads to referee telling Tower to go to the back.

UK Dominator, Tower and Josh knott

The Fever fight back against the system however The System tries to take the easy way out and Dominator throws Selfie stick to Josh Knott and Knott gets caught with it and referee throws the match out.

After the match The System beat down The Fever until Robbie Caine and El Ligerio come out and chase them off.

"Ruthless" Joseph Miller def Kidd Candy 

Miller (left) Candy (right)

Miller tries to Dominate Candy throughout this match. Miller doesn't seem to concerned with Candy. However both men start off the match with some great chain wrestling back and forth jostling for an advantage.

Candy hits an amazing double stomp from the top rope onto Miller which nearly ended the match, but Miller was able to kick out.

Candy jumping from top rope

Candy hits stomp from top rope

Miller won the match holding the tights of Candy to get the win.

El Ligero def Rampage Brown

Rampage with El Ligerio on the ropes

This was a cracking main event. I have seen Rampage Brown before and was great to see him again. This was my first time seeing El Ligerio live and was well worth the wait.

Rampage and El Ligerio went all out on each other fighting in the ring then heading out of the ring and fighting in the crowd. Rampage was choking El Ligerio while he was sat in a chair in the crowd.

Rampage and Ligerio on the Outside

They battled back and forth and even were fighting backstage and re appeared on the stage where Rampage was knocked off the stage and then El Ligerio jumped onto Rampage!

El Ligerio and rampage then head back into the ring and Rampage takes control and is taking the fight to Ligerio. Ligerio manages to fight back and just as it looks like ligerio is going to win the match, Referee gets squashed in the corner and the new nation run out from the back and attack Ligerio, Rampage puts his arm over ligerio and New Nation revive the referee but its only a 2 count ligerio kicks out at the last moment.

Lee Hunter and Travis Banks then run out to fend off The New Nation they fight on the outside and as this is going on Ligerio flies over the top rope onto all of them!

Ligerio then gets back into the ring takes down Rampage and hits flying splash for the win.

Ready to hit the big splash

Ligerio in mid air

Pinfall Victory for Ligero

Went to Meet and Greet Afterwards and managed to get a signed poster from all the talent plus a selfie with Nathan Cruz!

Overall this was a brilliant show beginning to end. that have such a great blend of Talent from Guys like Robbie Caine Big Grizzly, Nathan Cruz to El Ligerio and Rampage Brown there was something for everyone.

There was so much excellent British talent on this show, shows like this are why British wrestling is having such a comeback right now.

 To me this has been the best Pro EVW show I have attended my only question now is how to Pro EVW top this next time?

I will have find out in February 2017 when they return :)

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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