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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Heroes and Legends 2 Nov 1st 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride Preview
Heroes and Legends 2 Preview 
Nov 1st 2015

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Here is a preview for the forthcoming Pro Wrestling Pride event Heroes and Legends 2.

Coming to Torbay leisure Centre in Paignton. After the massive success of Heroes and Legends 1 with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mr Anderson, Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Chris Masters and many more Pride are back again with another huge event.

Heroes and Legends 2 will feature Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Rhyno, Ultimo Dragon, Johnny Kidd, Mr Anderson, Bram along side tremendous pride talent such as Pro Wrestling Pride Champion Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths, Robbie Cane, Ultimo Tiger, JD Knight, Mean Tommy Dean, Red Eagle, Saime Sahin + Many More

These Matches have been announced so far (matches and card subject top change) here is what has been announced. 

Pro Wrestling Pride World Championship match
Rhyno vs Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (C)

Big Grizzy regained his PWP World Championship and now has arguably his biggest test to date WWE NXT Superstar and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Rhyno, Can the Bear overcome The Rhyno and retain his title? 

Million Dollar Man Endorsement
The Fame Robbie Caine vs Red Eagle

A huge Opportunity for both competitors here. Red Eagle from Portugal and Robbie Caine from Wales both men have the chance to impress the Million Dollar Man in this match whoever does will receive his endorsement  and $5000!!!!

4 Way Match for Catch Division Championship
Ho ho lun vs Scotty Essex vs Ultimo Tiger (C) vs Tiger Ali

An international 4 way match for the Pro Wrestling Pride Catch Division Championship. Everyone is vying to become Catch Champion will Ultimo Tiger be able to overcome the odds and Defeat 3 other men or Will there be a brand new Catch Champion? 

6 man Tag Team Match
Bram, Tommy Dean, Jd Knight vs Mr  Anderson, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews

A 6 man tag team match which is sure to be an all out war. Bram Joining Anarchy Uprising will take on Impact Wrestling Mr Anderson, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews which team will come out on top and be victorious at Heroes and Legends 2

Special Match
Ultimo Dragon vs Johny Kidd

Two legends go face to face British Legend Johnny Kidd will be taking on Former WCW, WWE and Japanese wrestler superstar Ultimo Tiger. This match will be fought under British Rules which legendary superstar will come out on what is sure to be a classic match.

Special Attraction 4 Way Tag Team Match 
Team Hate vs Saime Sahin & Nixon Newell vs Lomax and UK Dominator vs Mason Ryan and The Saint

In what is going to be an amazing 4 Way Tag Team Match Featuring former WWE Star Mason Ryan Teaming with The Saint vs UK Dominator & Lomax vs Saime Sahin & Nixon Newell vs Team Hate who is going to prove that they are the dominant tag team in Pro Wrestling Pride?  

Tickets are selling out very fast you can get your for this excellent event now by going to

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