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Why David Herro is right on wrestling

Why David Herro is right on Wrestling

For most of you reading this you will know who David Herro is, if by chance you don't know here is a quick run down. David Herro is a Wrestling Promotor, he presents Pro Wrestling Report Primetime TV along with Dameon Nelson on My24 Milwaukee and all over the world at

David Herro is known as the opinionist of the show which means its his job to give insight on the subjects on the show and wrestling in general. he draws on his vast knowledge from his many years in the wrestling business from having his own merchandise shop, to then having autograph signings with the likes of The Rock in the 90's to then go on and create his own wrestling promotion GLCW and Create his own annual event Blizzard Brawl held in Milwaukee every December. David has worked with so many wrestling talents ex WWE, WCW, ECW alumni including Al Snow, New Age Outlaws, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jim Ross, Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan, Roddy Piper plus many more.

David in 2014 will be heading towards Blizzard Brawl 10, King Kong Bundy calls Blizzard Brawl the Wrestlemania of independent wrestling - so when it comes to talking wrestling the personalities and what is going on in the business today, there is no better fountain of knowledge than Mr Herro.

David talks a lot on Pro Wrestling Report about how in today's wrestling world, not everything has meaning and how in the attitude days and before this meaning was there and the men and woman performing knew how to translate to the fans and millions of people watching at home. David talks about how the wrestlers told stories in the ring and how those stories captivated people and brought interest in the product.

 WWE presented a great product in the late 90's where by everything had a meaning, had a purpose and reason to be there was to draw a crowd into a PPV. The Reason I bring this up is that iv been going back recently and watching a lot of old WWE Raw's from 1999.

I remembering seeing these back in the day but at the time I was 13 years old and my perspective from then to now is very different. I managed to watch 3 episodes of raw leading up to the 1999 Royal Rumble.

While I was watching these, David words came to mind as from week one to week three, everything seamlessly joined together from commissioner Shawn Michaels changed Vince entrance number at the top of the card, too the Ken Shamrock/Val Venis /Billy Gunn Feud with Ryan Shamrock involved for the IC title, to the ministry of darkness forming and inducting the brood too the group, to a fantastic hardcore match between road dogg and Al snow on an episode of raw, what I noticed was exactly what David would say -  everything on the Raw's created interest and that interest created investment, that was WWE greatest asset.  Here is the match card from Jan 4th 1999 WWE Raw

Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock

Goldust defeated Mark Henry via DQ 

  • The Godfather vs. Test ended in a double DQ

  • Edge vs. D-Lo Brown ended in a no contest 

  • Kane vs. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco ended in a no contest in a handicap match

  • The Road Dogg (c) defeated Al Snow to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship 

  • Also while watching these episodes it felt like every character had meaning on the roster and this worked for those performers and for the company. Now in WWE I feel there are too many shades of grey everyone feels the same.  In those three episodes I was watching I saw everyone from Gilberg, Kane, DX, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Bluedust, Ken Shamrock,The Oddities,Mankind and The Rock.

    There was something for everyone crowd interaction with promos and catchphrases, if you didn't like Act A you would like Act B. I'm not saying everything back in 1999 was perfect some of the TV was close to the edge and certainly wouldn't be appropriate in this era, but if there is one thing that WWE could recapture in a bottle it would be that great fan investment that David talks so fondly about because it was that great investment that drew great ratings and had Wrestling beating NFL football in the ratings, when wrestling is done right it can capture the imagination of the masses, those masses then lay down money for PPVs and Merchandise, everyone wins. 

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