Monday, 11 March 2013

15 Years of Pro Wrestling Report in Pictures and Video

A Snapshot of 15 Years of Pro Wrestling Report Over the Years
in Pictures and Video

Instead of Writing about Pro Wrestling report as I have done in previous blogs I thought it would be fun to do a blog with Pictures and video of Pro Wrestling Report over the years.

 I have been a pro Wrestling report fan since 2009 and what you will see below is a collection of

PWR Logos
PWR Team Over The Years (Pictures and Videos)
1st Ever PWR Episode (Video)
PWR Interviews With The Stars (Videos)
PWR Shenanigans (Videos)

 Please Enjoy and Happy 15 Years to the Pro Wrestling Report!!!!  
The Logos
The PWR Team over the years

Dameon Nelson - Host

Cover Photo

2 Minute Profile Video of Dameon Nelson

David Herro - Opinionist


2 Minute Profile Video of David Herro

WCWMeathead - Opinionist

Wcw Meathead 2 Minute Profile

Frank Cossentino - PWR Historian

Frank Cossentino 2 Minute Profile

Linda Kay - Opinionist & Social Media Diva

Linda Kay 2 Minute Profile

Rasche Brown - Opinionist and Wrestler

Rasche Brown PWR Video

Matthew Thomas - Opinionist

Matthew Thomas on PWR Interactive

Saturday 16th March 2013 Will Mark 15 years of the Pro Wrestling Report. Pro Wrestling report first aired on 16th March 1998 With Dameon Nelson and "Stone Cold" Carl Love.
You can see the 1st episode below
 The Interviews and the stars
PWR with Bob Orton
Pro Wrestling report speak to Roddy Piper
Pro Wrestling Report Get the WWE champion to Appear on Pwr 10 million View Celebration episode.
Kevin Nash Interview August 2012
 Mean Gene Okerlund  2013
PWR Shenanigans
PWR Sheanaogans is the #Tremendous and funny stuff that happens on the Pro Wrestling report!!
Nelson and Herro Stuck in Traffic
Shenanigans in St Louis - PWR Crew in ST Louis
 Shenanigans with Steel Chairs
2011 PWR Shenanigans

Thanks for Reading

Jonathan Orchard

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