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TNA Sacrifice 2011 Predictions

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TNA Sacrifice Predictions

Hello I'm back with another predictions blog this time taking a look a TNA Sacrifice 20111 and what might happen. This is a very important PPV for me as many of your know I am doing a Pro Wrestling Report (follow them on Twitter @pwrshow) inspired draft along with fellow PWR Fan Blandchardbuzz (follow him on Twitter @blandchardbuzz) and I find myself 200 points behind! That is only because WWE Creative at Extreme Rules really made life difficult for me so hopefully in this TNA PPV MY Fantasy Team TEAMFOTY can Make an 'Impact' :)

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Now on to the predictions!!!!

Sting (c) vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Sting has hand chosen RVD for this battle for his TNA Championship. Sting was able to do this thanks to the network putting a clause in his contract allowing him to be able to choose his own opponent. I think we will see a great macth between these two both will put on a great show for the fans for me I would love RVD to winb this match as it would give me lots of Fantasy points!!! But with an unbiased and blanced view I think Sting will win this. With Mr Anderson Winning the recent 25 man battle Royal on Impact Wrestling I think a Sting vs Anderson match is the next logical step for TNA and would really help tie up the issues between Anderson and Sting.

jon422002's Prediction - Still TNA Champion Sting

Kazarian (c) vs. Max Buck for the TNA X Division Championship

I think Kaz is a great wrestler who has a great look and is able to perform extremely well in the ring. Kazarian has held the X division for a long time now and has defended it well. With the storyline recently on Impact Wrestling a few weeks ago w a group of X Division Wrestlers complaining to Eric Bischoff about not getting an oppertunity in TNA which included Max Buck it looks as if TNA is starting to get ready to use a few of these Giys. As David Herro said on Be the Booker it makes the most sense for Max Buck to win this so that they can continue forward which the storyline that they started with him and others a few weeks ago. This prediction hurts me to do because the last remaining title holder on TeamFOTY is going to lose his title with im going to have to go with Mr Herro's Logic on this one!!

Jon422002's Predction Winner and NEW X DIVISION Champion Max Buck

Abyss vs. Crimson

Hmmm this match is a difercult one to call. The storyline goes back to when Crimson put the nailed bat of Abyss's (janice) into his back and put Abyss out for a number of weeks. Since Abyss has returned we have seen Abyss Attack Crimson to gain revenge for what happened to him. I think that in this match we are going to see Abyss get his revenge and beat Crimson. Alot of you will think im crazy but hear me out. THis could then lead on to Abyss going back and concentrating on Immortal and for Crimson this could lead to a more full time feud with Samoa Joe which seemed to of started a little bit on impact over the past few weeks.

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Abyss

Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) (c) vs. Immortal (Matt Hardy and Chris Harris) for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I must say that I was very very surprised that TNA decided to bring back Chris Harris I must say that it was defintley one of those things that I didnt expect to see however I think its a great Idea that they brought him back for this match. Chris Harris the man that knows James Storm better than anyone else the man that started out with him in TNA as America's Most Wanted. I think that in this match in a surprise upset Beer Money will lose the match and also their TNA TAg Team Titles. I think Bobby Roode will be pinned. My feeling is that  in the long term and although It might sound far fetched I think TNA are getting Bobby Roode Ready for a run as a singles Wrestler so I could see James Storm Turning on Roode and eventally someway joining up with Harris again as America's Most Wanted.

Mickie James (c) vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship with the stipulation if Mickie wins, Tara's contract with Madison gets nullified and Tara is free to work in TNA.

THis match is an interesting one to me because I dont think the Stipulation of the match really benefits Mickie James after all if Tara gets her freedom it benefits Tra!!! Anyhow I have got to pick a winner in this match I just cant see Mickie Losing this match. I think Mickie will win and then MIckie will move forward andf New Knockouts will be added to the title mix. I think its time that the MAdison/Mickie Feud moved on and that some fresh Knockout title feuds are introduced.

Winner and Still TNA Knockout Champion - MIckie James

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett vs Kurt Angle and Chyna

This is going to be match of the night for me. Jarrett and Angle always have good matches together which always try and tell a story so I always look forward to these matches as they both have great wrestling skills as very as great in ring pschologyskills. WHere you wont get wrestling in this match is from Karen Jarrett but I dont expect wrestling from Karen Jarrett - her role in this match is simple - keep being Karen Jarrett by that what i mean is hide behind Jeff Try not to get into the ring do all the things that Karen has been doing recently in trying to get out of this match. The lady that will do the wrestling int his match is Chyna. I was very shocked to see her returned but I must admit see looked great and I will be good to see who she is back in the ring this is the first time for me in about 10 years that I will see her in a ring so it will be great to see what her contribtion will be. I think that in this match Kurt will finally get hois revenge and both teams will be able to move ion fromt his feud. I think its the next logical step let us not forgetthis feud has been going since after Bound for Glory.

Jon422002's Prediction Winners - Kurt Angle & Chyna

Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia) vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore)

The Team of Mexican America has been really good since they have been formed I enjoy it and I think it will only get better and better. I think its great too that Hernandez has a stiop on TV and is being used more - always felt that he has the potential to be something big. On the flip side of this match is Ink Inc this team at the moment confuse me they tease the team breaking upo then when Mexican America are Celebrating Cinco de maya Ink inc come out and challenge them to a match and Ink inc look like a united team again? was a strange thing for me. I think that this match will see Mexican America get the win due to Shannon Moore Walking out on Jesse Neal and Leaving him to fight for himself.

Winners - Mexican America

Tommy Dreamer vs. A.J. Styles

Dreamer comes down in a match that Aj was in on Impact wrestling a couple of weeks ago against Bully Ray and turns of Styles and gives him a Piledriver. Hence setting upt his match between the two. For me there is only one winner in this match and its Dreamer. I have a feeling that Bubba Ray will come down and help Dreamer get the in against Styles ebven though this week Ray threw Dreamer out of the battle Royal.

Jon422002's Prediction - Tommy Dreamer

That Concludes my predictions for TNA Sacrifice! I hope the show is really enjoyable and that as wrestling fans we get to see some great action!! Until Next time!!! :)

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TNA Sacrifice 2011 is an upcoming professional wrestling PPV event produced by TNA Wrestling, which will take place on May 15, 2011 at the TNA Impact! Zone in Orlando, Florida. It will be the seventh Sacrifice event.