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WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions

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WWE Bragging Rights Predictions

Hello All!! I am back again from another week away and below are my predictions for WWE Bragging Rights 2010. Now last time I did not do so well predicting TNA Bound for Glory I am hoping this time that these predictions will get me back on track!!! As Always the predictions are based  my own personal opinion!!

Kane vs. Undertaker World Heavyweight Title Buried Alive Match

Buried Alive for the World heavyweight title honestly I didn't think we would see this match until survivor series as the buried alive match seems to have more of a connection with that event rather than this one!!! I think that the Undertaker will win this match and become the new champion. We have seen Undertaker beaten by Kane twice in previous PPV's and I cant see this happening for 3 in a row. Undertaker seems to be making a comeback and is starting to look strong I did enjoy the segment on Smackdown where Taker pulled Kane through the ring canvas though its was a really cool way to end Smackdown and to build for the PPV. I also have a feeling that Paul Bearer is going to turn again and align himself with the Undertaker don't know whether it will happen at this PPV but I have a feeling that this match will have one more twist it.

Jon 422002's Prediction - New Champion The Undertaker (Possibly with Paul Bearer's help)

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett WWE Title

I'm actually really looking forward to this match up between the Viper and Wade Barrett. In My last lot of predictions I got it totally wrong and Randy Orton did indeed retain his WWE Title against Sheamus but this PPV will be different and I believe he will lose it here. After seeing what Wade Barrett is making John Cena do it looks like to me that John Cena will help Wade Barrett (against his will) to screw Randy Orton out of the WWE Title this will then further the anger of the WWE fans towards Wade Barrett and also further the John Cena/Nexus Storyline and also I think that Randy Orton is in a better position chasing the title as at the moment apart from Orton the WWE fans have no main baby face to get behind so I think this makes perfect sense for the future and entwines Barrett/Cena/Orton for future feuds.

Jon422002’s Prediction - New Champion Wade Barrett

Team SmackDown (Big Show (captain), Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Tyler Reks and Kofi Kingston (with Hornswoggle (mascot))) vs. Team Raw (The Miz (captain), R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Sheamus, CM Punk and Ezekiel Jackson)Is it just me who thinks that it would be better to have this match at Survivor Series instead? It feels so similar to a Survivor Series match!!! The build for this match has been OK with the usual team members against each other in singles matches and a big battle royal also. I think that with Smackdown winning so much on Raw/Smackdown in the past few weeks that Team Raw will win the Bragging rights trophy. Think there will be some people that WWE make really strong in this match and will make go over well (Ezekiel Jackson, Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison) and as usual the quick elimination which will probably be Santino. I hope not though because we have not seen yet what a great wrestler Santino Marrella is - this will be a good contest just hope it doesn't get too overcrowded at times.

Jon422002's Prediction Winners Team Raw

Title vs. Title Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

This right Surprise some people but I think this match has the Ability to be the match of the night. You have the best Technical Wrestler in the world today (Bryan) against the best bumper in the wrestling business (Ziggler). I hope that WWE give this match a good amount of time because I think that both of these men will be able to tell a great story and be able to create a exciting and flowing match. Both of these men can wrestle well and I think this will be your 'wrestling' match of the evening. To me I think that Dolph Ziggler needs to win this match, as I feel this would benefit win more and enhance him whereas Bryan has already had 2 PPV Wins over The Miz and I feel at this point does not need the win on PPV as a loss will not hurt him then he can come back stronger on RAW the following night

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Dolph Ziggler

Divas Title Match Natayla vs Laycool (Layla)

I must admit I do enjoy Laycool. The Bret Hart/Natayla Parody by them on Smackdown this past week was pretty amusing but on the flip side although entertaining I think that It is getting a bit boring with Laycool dominating as champions. I think we might see a bit of a shock in this match and Natayla will win and I think this might be due to botched interference from Michelle McCool this could then start the break up of Laycool.

Jon422002's Prediction New Champion Natayla

Those are my Predictions and pretty bold you might say also. I have gone for all title matches having new champions!!! Will Wade Barrett,The Undertaker and Natayla all win in there respective matches? there is only one way to find out Tune in to WWE Bragging Rights wherever you are and enjoy!!!!

Thanks all until next time!!!

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